SteveSteve Member Posts: 14 Inept
I find myself wanting more and more goop arties. I don't have genies or a map or anything to get daily amounts. Only the cornucopia which isn't much. Are there other ways to get it other than trading for unbound credits? 

I'm thinking some quests have it as reward. Anyone have info on that? Such as amount vs time investment?

If there are other ways I'm all ears. 


  • MakaiMakai Member Posts: 413 Adept
    You've effectively listed all the ways to get goop. Curios, ur'traps, and wondercorn. Outside of the Wheel spins, there's nothing.
  • AyisdraAyisdra Member Posts: 1,347 Mythical
    The only quest that gives aethergoop is the Wayfaire quest which is only around during Anniversary, and even then it only gives about 100goop.   
    The only other way besides what Makai has stated is with breaking down goop items, which you can get from aethertraders (by trading the crafted items they want.), but this requires you to have bubblixes or buttons and to be on the fast side due to how quickly people can get to them.
  • KalnidKalnid Member Posts: 560 Fabled
    You can buy urtraps for goop if you have some already, but it's hard to say that's worth the investment. It's 300 for a basic trap that'll get you at absolute most 5 goop a day or so, so that's two months just to earn it back if you do your trap every day and the creature never escapes (the creature escapes a lot). After that you're still just making five per day - when artifacts cost multiple thousands, it's not a fast option. Genies are about as fast as traps, is my understanding, but you can't buy them except from other people and they're way less of a nuisance. Ayisdra mentioned aethertrading, which is an option, but it's got kind of high buy-in and if you don't have bixes (guess what you need to buy aetherbixes) you're burning money whenever someone beats you to the target.
  • CoralineCoraline Member Posts: 659 Mythical
    I have an urtrap somewhere in Verasavir valley. I've forgotten about it. It's a lot of effort and the jackalope almost always escapes. But if you do it diligently it's a slow investment though
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  • JolantheJolanthe Member Posts: 645 Mythical
    To be honest, I'm just patiently waiting for the artifact cart to come around with the goop items I want (and can exercise enough discipline to not splurge until then).
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