Mining Village Commodity Quests

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Goal of this thread is to come up with a good solution to allow for players to do these commodity quests in the mines that doesn't involve murdering the miners/workers to gain an enemy status. Not to mention, this would also back the Acknor quest for changing of the chieftain available again without incurring an enemy status. So here's the two ideas I've come up with thus far, one is more limiting by the village, and the other would just have limited amounts overall.

1) Be able to greet one of the mining leader NPCs and gain access to a pick to use in the mines. Make it so it can harvest 10 or 20 things before breaking and having to get a new one, each mining lead having a cooldown period before another pick can be given.

2) The Dig spell, enchantment, or artifacts that allow for digging can find the commodities in the mine, probably one or two for each room, that can be turned in.

Taking thoughts and opinions, but would really like for a way to actively generate metal/coal commodities that isn't one of the only things mandating enemy status.


  • DeichtineDeichtine Member Posts: 2,016 Transcendent
    Let people beg from them for the com.
  • TridemonTridemon Member Posts: 791 Mythical
    Deichtine said:
    Let people beg from them for the com.
    Hasn't this been rejected repeatedly?
    I'm Lucidian. If I don't get pedantic every so often, I might explode.
  • JolantheJolanthe Member Posts: 455 Fabled
    I still think deepstone rockeaters could get tweaked for claiming raw metal commodities. Gemstone availability is very disproportionate because of them, but rather than removing from the pool, I'd rather see the potential expanded upon.

    This was originally inspired by the fact that rockeaters produce gems merely because they can't fully digest them, and all the relevant NPCs acknowledge that you're effectively extracting the gems from their guts (and if you actually look at the rockeater corpses, you can see this alluded to as well - with coral and pearl being referenced separately for marine rockeaters on top of that).

    I think it's totally reasonable to expect some strain of rockeater to show up that can't fully handle metals. It could be divvied up by regions in the undervault, but if they wanted to make it more involved then perhaps there could be some rockeater beastmastery/breeder who you need to fetch various things for and lead live rockeaters to, then you can expect some of them to eventually start appearing in whatever area that have the relevant metals left in their guts (visible in the corpse via probe just like the gems). Then if you want more you have to keep help breeding more.

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    Give something for these rare comms (not just metals).  I don't even care what it is.  Begging is the easiest, requires no code changes whatsoever, which is why we keep bringing it up.  If the admin insist on something more complex that uses coding resources, that is their choice.  Something has to happen, though.
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