Game: Remove one letter from a book title and what's the new plot?

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As the title suggests, the point of this is to take a pre-existing book title, remove a single letter from it and come up with a suitable new plot  for the new title.  Put the deleted letter in brackets.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of (F)Ire - Harry discovers a sentient cup that has a penchant for insulting everyone that crosses it's path due to it's hatred of magic. Chaos ensues.

The Light(n)ing Thief - A story about a disillusioned stagehand that takes revenge on his colleague by stealing all the stage spotlights.
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    The A(r)t of War - A simple mistake in mentioning everyone turns into a giant troll war where there are mention pings around the clock coming from all sides.
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    Ugly duck(l)ing - adventures of a horrendously ugly person who spends time ducking away from people to avoid scaring them?
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    To echo @Kagato:

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (S)Tone - Harry is having a really downer semester as his new potions teacher has a serious condescending tone.
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    Another one!

    The Boo(k) Thief - Mario is tired of dealing with the boo's while trying to rescue Peach, so he devises a massive heist to steal every single boo block in the kingdom.
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    @Stratas You, sir, are an artist.
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    A comprehensive biography of Laurence Tureaud

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    Using the closest book to me...

    (C)Lick here to Kill Everybody - A darkly comic tale of a deadly virus that has been unleashed on the world. 
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    Mr S(t)ink - The harrowing tale of Jack Dawson from the bottom of the ocean and how he overcame the lie that Rose DeWitt would never let him go.
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