A Session with Doctor Ehc'zi

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Trahey goes on a journey to reclaim his heritage.
Your RP skills are really something else @Czixi, all the medical/anatomical stuff sound so professional  <3

(Order): Aiya Ehc'zi says, "Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, I was visiting friends. Did you need something?"
(Order): Aiya Ehc'zi says, "I quite lost track of time."
(Order): You say, "Merely a question, Lady Ehc'zi. You are in the city?"
(Order): Aiya Ehc'zi says, "I've just come home, but I should certainly be happy to travel to the Beacon, if that is easier."
(Order): You say, "Oh, no need to trouble yourself."

*In the embrace of night and day.

Aiya Ehc'zi curtseys gracefully before you.

Aiya Ehc'zi says to you, "How may I be of assistance?"

You have emoted: Trahey sketches a rather preoccupied salute. "You are a researcher, Lady Ehc'zi. I wonder if you talk a lot with researchers in other fields?"

"When I am able, of course," Aiya Ehc'zi replies, tilting her head thoughtfully. "No ideas evolve properly in a vacuum."

You have emoted: The look on Trahey's face is at once fragile and hopeful. "I was wondering if you... would know anybody that specialises in... restoring broken things. Atrophied things. I don't know if they are." he flushes, aware of his rambling. "I've a problem."

Aiya Ehc'zi's face creases into a frown, and she steps forward hesitantly. "That would depend on what needs restoring," she says carefully, gently. "What is - the problem?"

You have emoted: For the most part, Trahey appears relieved he does not need to bare any defects before unfamiliar Hallifaxians. "My wings," he says bluntly. "I've read up on birds and I do know all creatures that can fly need regular training for it. Mine... I wasn't in a condition to train myself, before the Portal. There was..." he furrows his brow. "An accident, or some sort. Can't quite remember. But after that my wings haven't been the same."

You murmur, "I don't think I tried to put them to use again after that. A lot of years, them going without any use."

Aiya Ehc'zi's lips part in surprise, but she quickly nods in understanding. Deftly, she ties the fluted ends of her sleeves so that they lie out of the way, and holds her hands out before her. "May I?" she says, before adding, "I may specialise in aetheric studies, but I am as thoroughly trained in Healing as I am Astrology."

You have emoted: Trahey's expression is one of admiration as he breathes, "That would be wonderful." There is a moment of hesitation before he removes his coat and pushes his mane to one side, nevertheless.

Long, thick feathers of a rich brown sheen freely cascade down Trahey's back, reaching almost to his waist like a protective cloak. He stands at a little over seven feet, the crooked, frail-looking wings attesting that he is a feathered trill. His eyes are a sunlit, smoky grey, his cheeks ruddy,  and his bushy eyebrows are often raised with mischievous curiosity. The youth is lithely built and slightly tanned from frequent hours in the sun, but the slight flecks of ink on his fingers as well as the unexpectedly intense gleam in his eyes suggest other facets to his character. He walks with the truefavour of Czixi.

He is wearing:
a Sentinel Company watch gleaming silver upon his left wrist
a broad iron ring
armoured boots of dark leather
a nebulous pauldron of trailing mist, capricious tendrils spilling from his right shoulder
a desaturated stole of rough patchwork, its embrace both softening and sobering his countenance
a scale jacket of mirrored bronze
paned, loose-fitting pants of blue and pale grey tucked neatly into his boots
a beret hat of soft white wool as a jaunty, rather than jarring, addition.

Aiya Ehc'zi steps towards you and rubs her hands together. "This is going to be cold, I'm afraid," she says apologetically. "Lucidian skin may not be as cold as others assume, but a doctor's hands certainly are." You catch the remains of her small smile as she passes out of your view, coming to rest behind you. "The muscles are clearly atrophied, but I would be much more concerned about nerve damage. How much feeling do you have in them?"

The vicious whispers of an inner voice wash over you as a fragment of the Welkin Goddess manifests here.

You have emoted: Trahey thinks for a moment. His attention is briefly taken by whispers of the Goddess, and his brows furrow instantly as though trying to ward off a thought. He recovers quickly enough, and replies, "If I may... what must be done if there is damage?" His voice trembles slightly.

"Oh, nerve damage can be regenerated," Aiya Ehc'zi says quickly, her voice a very lucidian balance between matter-of-fact and reassuring. "It is simply trickier." She reaches out and begins pressing at intervals along your wings, firm but gentle. "Tell me where you do and don't feel this, please? Do you know much about how healing functions?"

You have emoted: "Not much, though I would like to learn more," Trahey says. His body tenses somewhat, attention now geared toward picking out pressure from numbness. He is responsive until Aiya Ehc'zi's hand reaches the radius bones.

"Nothing here?" Aiya Ehc'zi says, her fingers pinching first at the joint, then further down. "Or here?" Her voice gives away no concern.

You have emoted: "That first pinch felt a bit tingly. Not as much as I could feel, in other parts. And nothing, for your second test." Trahey's own voice is just as calm, but there is a palpable note of tension underlying it.

Aiya Ehc'zi nods - then, realising that is completely out of your view, says, "Alright. Would you extend that side out for me? Just the one wing will do. I'd like to see the range of movement." She rocks slightly back to give room, then explains, "Healing is not something you do to a body. It is something you encourage a body to do. A Healer learns to increase the speed of their body's natural regeneration, and then mirrors that in others."

Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness.
It is now the 22nd of Urlachmar, 535 years after the Coming of Estarra.

You have emoted: Trahey's own nod is quite visible even with his back turned. He quickly removes a piece of twine from his rift and ties his mane for better handling. As the feathers brush the bronze scales of his jacket he starts. "Oh, before we begin, should I be getting my jacket and others out of the way? The scar won't be pretty." His voice grows a little less sure as he says this last.

"As long as it won't stop you moving, there's no need to remove it for now," Aiya Ehc'zi replies.

You have emoted: "Thank you," Trahey answers almost immediately. Gathering his ponytail and draping it over his chest, he rolls his shoulders. Lifts his right wing, but the movement is slow and strained. The way he stretches it out distinctly reminds one of a drowning man grasping at flotsam.

"Don't over-exert yourself," Aiya Ehc'zi instructs gently. Her fingers ghost over the arch of the wing, not pushing it in any direction. "The intent is to see what you can do, not stress you beyond it."

You have emoted: "I've left them sagging for so long," Trahey murmurs gloomily. "I forsee I'll need a lot of therapy sessions."

Aiya Ehc'zi steps back for a moment to examine the fully outstretched wing. "But the fact that you can lift it at all is very promising," she points out, before remarking, "Your coracoid is fine, as is your humerus. Your tertiaries are spread well and evenly." She touches her fingers gently to each spot for illustration as she continues. "It is your radius and metacarpus that are struggling. Now, the radius is the longest bone, but it is the metacarpus that takes a lot of the stress in flight."

Thoughtfully, you say, "Must have hurt that one worst. Wonder how that happened... but yes. I'm listening."

"Relax this side, now, and extend the other, if you would. It is very possible that the injuries are not identical." Aiya Ehc'zi draws her hands away and rocks backwards, watching intently. As you move, she continues explaining. "The metacarpus takes the weight of your primaries - that is to say, all of the feathers that stretch over a good half of your wing. Not only that, but being the end of the wing, it also controls much of the direction and pitch via the phalanxes."

You have emoted: Trahey complies. His right wing drops as soon as he turns his efforts away from it. He gingerly stretches his left wing, but when it's close to unfurling fully he lets out a low, sharp cry that he bites off within seconds.

Muttering, you say, "Near the shoulder blades, here. Feels like something's fit together wrong, but it's usually not this bad if I leave it alone and not stretch."

"Alright. One moment," Aiya Ehc'zi says, moving behind you. The sudden hum of a gem reaches your ears, and colourful light flickers around you - shades of green and purple. "This will reduce the pain, but it won't numb it. If I did that, you wouldn't be able to tell me where the problem is. I'm going to push at several points here, and we'll work out where you're getting stuck." Once given permission, she does so, using the pads of her fingers to apply pressure around the shoulder and at the base of the wing.

You have emoted: Trahey breathes a sigh of relief once the harmonics kick in. He breaths in when the lucidian's hand presses the upper joint of his humerus. "Yes - underside, underside."

With a rueful smile, you say, "I wonder how I got away with this kind of injury for so long... glad I got to stretch out, wouldn't have found it otherwise, I suppose."

"With an injury so near the joint, it is possible that you are trapping nerves," Aiya Ehc'zi explains, her palm resting gently against the base of the wing, holding it steady. "That would mean that it is not the same, each time you move. The body also learns to avoid pain. It will be holding itself in place to prevent it." She frowns, and adds, "that will have consequences for the rest of your muscles. Do you ever get pain in your lower back, or your legs?"

The perception of time momentarily slows to a fraction as Lachesis studies the Tapestry of Fate, carefully measuring each strand before making notations in a great tome. Time rushes forward as the memory fades, yet the feeling remains that your history in Lusternia is recorded in the great annals of fate, for better or for worse.

You have emoted: Trahey thinks. "As a matter of fact, they do," says. "I've only noticed them once I..." He trails off, expression growing blank. "Music was helping me. The kind that uses harmonic gems." His words here are almost too quiet to hear, but he shakes his head, speaking in his normal volume again. "I've started feeling them after the Portal. When I was on my own. I'd forgotten I even had a problem."

Aiya Ehc'zi nods, the movement easily perceived this time with her closer proximity. "Everything in your body is connected. You are tensing up here around this shoulder, to avoid shaking what your body knows to be painful. To do that, your back is compensating; your legs are then tensing to support your back in turn."

Patting his own shoulder, you murmur, "Poor old blokes. Having to take all of that for so long."

Aiya Ehc'zi takes her hand away and chuckles softly. "Indeed. The body is an incredible thing. It is a Collective of its own - a machine that will elevate one part when another falters, that all may survive." She steps around your side and back into your vision.

You have emoted: Trahey folds his hands before him in response, respectfully awaiting further instructions.

"There is nerve damage in half of your right wing," Aiya Ehc'zi pronounces, not holding back in her assessment. "But that is the better way round. A failure further up is harder to restore. You may have some loss in your left, but we will not be able to tell with that much tension and pain there." She lifts one hand and gestures gently. "I do not see anything that cannot be healed. However."

Aiya Ehc'zi purses her lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as she carefully gathers her thoughts.

Aiya Ehc'zi says, "If I were to radiate an aura and attempt to heal you in this moment, I would damage your wings further and potentially render them disabled forever."

You have emoted: Trahey blinks a little faster, but he offers a smile that is only a little tremulous. "I can take whatever therapy you'd recommend. I didn't expect my wings to heal instantly, however much I'd like them to."

Aiya Ehc'zi nods her head.

"Ultimately, the healing of them is quite simple. It really will, simply, consist of applying a regenerative aura." Aiya Ehc'zi reaches down and begins untying the bells of her sleeves. "But think of it like a compound fracture - the kind when the bone is sticking out of the flesh. Heal a wound in that state, and you will simply seal the flesh around the bone. Your wings are not in place as they should be, with everything so tense. It isn't as excessive as a fracture, but the principle is the same."

You have emoted: Trahey stiffens. "We'll have to go for something physical first?" He asks. To his credit, he doesn't shrink back.

Aiya Ehc'zi nods her head.

Resolutely, you say, "I need my wings healthy. I'll do it."

Aiya Ehc'zi says, "You will need to find someone who can relieve the stress on your muscles. Until they are relaxed, healing is dangerous. Harmonics and the Loralaria will help the process, but it will still require physical manipulation. I would recommend having this treatment on your lower back and legs as well, given the compensation there, or you will simply be left with other issues."

Tentatively, you ask, "Do you... Would you have anyone to suggest? With stress relief there?"

"I'm afraid I've never had need for physiotherapy," Aiya Ehc'zi replies with a sigh, brushing a strand of her crystalline hair aside. "But it is hardly a rare skill. Surely there must be someone in the city who has some idea."

You have emoted: "I'll find somebody," Trahey declares. "There's so much I've been missing out, and I don't want to any longer."

Aiya Ehc'zi smiles softly at you.

Aiya Ehc'zi says, "Have them get you to a point where you have range of motion in your wings. Even if it's not complete. You may not get feeling back in them either."

Softly, you ask, "But I'll be on the right track even so?"

Aiya Ehc'zi gestures towards herself with one hand. "When you are at that point, Eurael and I can heal what remains."

You have emoted: "I'll do it," Trahey says. He holds out his hand to the lucidian for a firm shake. "I can't tell you how much this means to me, Lady Ehc'zi. For so long I didn't have a reason to try and fly again. I'm so glad there's someone to help me along."

Aiya Ehc'zi fills with a warm but muted glow as she reaches out to shake your hand. "It is my pleasure," she says genuinely, her grip as firm and cool as it was upon your wings. "No one should live in such pain."

You have emoted: "I do hope to see you again with this, as soon as I can," Trahey says. His smile is warm and filled with a stronger hope. "I'm so glad I got to know you."

Aiya Ehc'zi gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Eyes sparkling, Aiya Ehc'zi says, "Do not rush. I will turn you away if you're not ready, you know."

His smile now a grin, you say, "I certainly wouldn't want to be rejected by my doctor. I won't, Lady Ehc'zi. After some rest I'll be off to find my helper. Thank you again for today."

Aiya Ehc'zi nods her head.

You give the world a smart salute.
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    Met Aiya today, 10/10 would chat again. I wonder who in the world could teach Trahey about reaching a state of profound peace and relaxation?
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