Alexandria asks Aramel for advice (aka it's about time)

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For anyone else who was following the drama and hasn't caught up yet. ;)
Looking only a little guiltily at her own collection of scrolls, Aramel Shevat says to Kethaera, "You are a paragon of efficiency, Librarian."
Smiling brightly, Senior Legislator, Kethaera says to Aramel, "Why, thank you, Marquessa. I understand you are preparing to set up a production of your own, hmm?"
With an air of distraction, Alexandria reaches over to peck Aramel on the cheek.
Aramel hastily tucks her scrolls into a leather book satchel accented with flourishes, saying, "I... yes, but the scheduling, the timing, the props..."
Brightly, Aramel Shevat says to Alexandria, "Ah, hello, my dear. How have you been?"
Absently, her mind still on other matters, Alexandria says to Aramel, "Quite wonderful, really. Though also highly uncertain."
Lightly, Aramel Shevat says to Alexandria, "This does not seem very much out of the ordinary for you."
Under her breath, Senior Legislator, Kethaera says, "Nor is it out of the ordinary for you to be behind on scheduling..."
Seeming to rise out of her daze for a moment, Alexandria looks at Aramel with a vaguely amused expression. "I suppose so, but it's not for the usual reasons. On the other hand, I suppose it is in a way."
Raising her voice slightly, as if she can somehow drown out Kethaera's commentary, Aramel remarks to no one in particular, "It is important to take one's time and do things right."
Lightly, Senior Legislator, Kethaera says, "And to do them at all!"
Musing, Alexandria says to Aramel, "I am considering precipitating an event which you have likely been expecting for... a while."
Aramel Shevat says to Alexandria, "Oh? I expect many events from you. After all, you have been known to generate much mayhem."
Kethaera tilts her head curiously at the two, a faintly puzzled expression on her face.
Instead of the pithy response that might have been expected, Alexandria mumbles under her breath, "I am ...............pose."
Aramel tilts a delicately pointed ear towards Alexandria. "Pardon? I'm afraid I didn't catch that," she says blithely.
Casting a dark look at Aramel, Alexandria says just as quietly, although somehow enunciating her words clearly through her teeth, "I am going to propose. To Nelras, obviously."
With a sigh, Alexandria says, "I just haven't decided how."
Kethaera's face lights up with comprehension, and she flashes a smile at Alexandria. "That's wonderful news, all the same!"
A faint, wistful look crosses Aramel's face. "I wish - " she begins, and then stops. "It was traditional, once, for your father and I to try to ruffle Nelras's feathers in circumstances like this one."
Aramel Shevat says, "Unfortunately, he remains fairly unrufflable."
With a small smile, and a touch of wistfulness in her eyes, Alexandria says, "You'd be more than welcome to try, at this point, for all the ideas I have at hand."
Aramel takes a seat on a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal, and props an elbow on her knee as she considers the question. "It is likely that you do not wish for something -too- scandalous," she says. "And yet, perhaps, something light-hearted would also suit."
"Definitely not too scandalous," Alexandria agrees. "There was already the incident with the Lady Welkin essentially announcing it to the Chairman and greatest grandfather, right here." An amused smile crosses her face, though she winces briefly for a moment too. "Light-hearted could be a nice change. We're both dreadfully serious far too often."
(Hallifax): Nelras says, “Greetings, Hallifax.”
Senior Legislator, Kethaera looks thoughtful and says, "Oh, speaking of him..."
"It should be something transient and not too long-lasting," Aramel declares. "Otherwise you'll fret for too long trying to think of the perfect thing, and you will remain unwed ten years hence."
Raising her hand in greeting, Merlose says "Hi!"
Kethaera nods her head at Aramel, showing her acceptance.
Kethaera greets Merlose with a sincere smile.
Alexandria tells Nelras, "I'm having a rather serious conversation with mother at the Matrix. You may not wish to stumble upon it."
Nelras tells Alexandria, "That sounds concerning. Is everything alright?"
Alexandria tells Nelras, "Everything is quite fine. You simply might not wish to be surrounded by women who know you for this particular conversation."
Nelras tells Alexandria, "I see, or rather I do not. I suspect that might be the safer approach for the moment."
With a bright smile for Merlose, Alexandria turns to her and says, "Oh, hello! Please, stay. Perhaps you could help."
Thoughtfully, Aramel looks briefly skywards and says impishly to Alexandria, "Although, considering that you have consented to our family tradition of trying to ruffle certain feathers, I'm sure it could be accomplished also."
Aramel violently grabs at an invisible rope and whips it out into nothingness.
Nelras tells Aramel, "Is something the matter?"
Aramel tells Nelras, "Indeed. You are being summoned summarily."
Nelras tells Aramel, "That is most unusual, although I suppose that might be applied to most  of the things I have heard since waking. Will you at least give me some hint as to the reason?"
Aramel tells Nelras, "Family tradition."
Nelras tells Aramel, “One of which I have not already heard I must assume, if you are gathered at the Matrix.
Brightly, Aramel Shevat says, "Why do we not summon Nelras and ask for his preferences? Quite literally, in this case."
Facet Merlose says, "I'm not certain how helpful I'll be, but I suppose it depends on what help's needed."
Senior Legislator, Kethaera says to Aramel, "Care to try again?"
Aramel violently grabs at an invisible rope and whips it out into nothingness.
Alexandria's face turns a rather vivid shade of crimson, and she opens her mouth to speak. After a moment when no words emerge, she simply closes it and stares mutely at Aramel.
<Nelras appears>
"Ah," Aramel says, sounding rather pleased as she inclines her head towards Nelras. "There you are. Excellent."
Brightly, Senior Legislator, Kethaera says, "Ah, there he is!"
Finding his balance without too much difficulty as he arrives, Nelras inclines his head politely before asking, "Will someone please explain?"
Aramel nudges Alexandria suggestively.
Kethaera urges Alexandria onwards.
Merlose tilts her head curiously at Alexandria.
Alexandria tells Merlose, "If I can ever manage to speak, I suppose I am about to propose to Nelras in front of everybody."
Merlose tells Alexandria, "Oh! Deep breaths! Go for it!"
Smiling brightly at Nelras and pretending that her face isn't showing her extreme mortification, Alexandria says to him, "Um. Hello." Apparently that is all she can manage, as her mouth closes quickly on the second word and she looks up at the sky, ruffling her wings briefly.
Kethaera hovers just over Aramel's shoulder, glancing back and forth between Alexandria and Nelras as she waits.
Nelras returns Alexandria's smile and quickly says, "Hello," before diverting his gaze. He glances quickly at Aramel, before looking just to Alexandria's side as his expression grows somewhat distracted.
Nelras tells Alexandria, "Might I ask just how much of this is your mother's doing?"
Nelras tells Alexandria, "If you would rather we spoke elsewhere, you need only speak the word. I would not have our feelings for each other become a simple and momentary amusement for an audience."
"I suppose you have been summoned here to answer a question," Aramel says to Nelras. Quickly, before you can say anything, she adds, "Is there any type of thing - of a transient nature - that you are fond of?"
Alexandria tells Nelras, "I don't recall if I told you, I once said to mother I wouldn't keep things from her that might be... eventful. And so she's... being herself about it."
Nelras tells Alexandria, "I see. Do you object to her doing so or not?"
Alexandria tells Nelras, "You know, I think I might be alright with this, if you can tolerate the audience."
Looking mildly disappointed, Kethaera drops out of the hover, settling on one of the crystal chairs.
Nelras gives Alexandria a slight nod of his head, catching her gaze even as colour begins to rise in his cheeks. He smiles reassuringly at Alexandria before turning to Aramel. "I see," he says after a few moments have passed. "I can only make certain assumptions as to the question, given what has happened so far. As for the question you have asked me now, I must admit to finding it rather difficult to think of anything else at this moment."
Alexandria rolls her eyes at Aramel, an amused smile crossing her face as the high colour in her cheeks begins to fade. Turning to Nelras, she seems to lose her hesitation and speaks clearly. "When I found mother here, I thought to ask her advice on matters. I did make something of a promise to keep her informed, after all." Flicking a brief glance at Aramel, she smiles fondly, though she returns her gaze to Nelras. "However, I've decided that in spite of her attempts to embarrass, I do not need her advice after all, nor any other inspiration."
Alexandria's words are enough for Nelras to set aside all other concerns. He turns to her, giving her his full attention as he says, "It is good that we could keep her informed, and I know that she would offer that advice. It makes me very happy indeed however, to hear that you will not need it. It has turned this from what it was into the wonderful occasion that it should be." He smiles at Alexandria once again, displaying his emotions clearly for all to see.
Moving to stand directly in front of Nelras, Alexandria takes both of his hands in hers and smiles radiantly. "I would not be unclear at a time like this. Nelras, I love you and wish for you be at my side, from now until eternity. It turns out that I am pleased to have others at my side right now, for I do not wish to hide it from those that I love." Pausing a moment to take a deep breath, she asks Nelras in a solemn tone, "Will you marry me, Nelras?"
Alexandria gets down on one knee and, while holding forth a gossamer skybloom blossom, she declares her eternal love for Nelras, and asks him to marry her.
Nelras, with a look of utter joy on his face, accepts Alexandria's proposal of marriage.
Merlose cheers wildly!
Kethaera claps her hands together merrily.
Aramel smiles at Alexandria and Nelras, her very real approval showing behind her impish expression. "Congratulations to you both," she says.
"Yes," Nelras exclaims, both unable and unwilling to hide the joy he feels. "Yes, and nothing could make me happier. We have spoken at length have we not, dancing around this very subject. Yet when it comes to it, there is so little that I need to say. All that we have said and all of the difficulties that we have overcome, and they can all be summed up in that one word."
Looking into Alexandria's eyes Nelras says, "Yes."
With a happy laugh, Alexandria throws her arms around Nelras, hugging him tightly. "I am so pleased right now. Not that I thought you would say otherwise. I am simply happy not to hide it any longer."
Merlose wags her tail excitedly, a broad smile on her face for the newly engaged couple.
Nelras wraps his wings around Alexandria, holding her close as he whispers, "So am I, my love."

Czixi, the Welkin murmurs, "Fight on, My Effervescent Sylph. I will be with you as you do."

Aian Lerit'r, Lead Schematicist exclaims to you, "A *paperwork* emergency, Chairman!

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