KaiUI: An extensible Lusternia GUI for Mudlet

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Introducing KaiUI, a GUI for Lusternia built upon Jor'Mox's Drag and Drop UI framework (aka GUIframe).
Depends upon m&mf, which MUST be installed first, or KaiUI will throw errors and somewhere a kitten will cry.

Customizable - Thanks to GUIframe, any UI element can be resized dynamically and most can be right-clicked and dragged freely around the screen.
Extensible - Once again thanks to GUIframe, adding new UI elements is a rather simple process.
Highlights - Player names highlighted in Players Here and Chat courtesy of vadi's namedb. Info Here highlighted by type, additionally targets counted and highlighted red.
Efficient - KaiUI is built to be fast. Even in fast-paced group combat scenarios, script lag is negligible.

Included aliases:
x|x <target> - example targeting alias, use as-is or make your own targeting reference target.name
kunlock - unlocks UI elements, 4 semitransparent blue arrows will appear on screen, right click and drag to resize UI elements
klock - locks UI elements and saves placements to an external file
reset crits - resets crit counter to 0 crits/0 hits

Known issues:
 - Occasionally on package install/mudlet startup the UI will appear stacked in the upper left corner, resizing Mudlet fixes it.

Simply download from Dropbox and install via Mudlet's package manager.
Note: Unless you happen to be Shofangi, the crit counter won't work out of the box. Add your bashing lines to the KaiUI > Hit Trigger trigger to use it.

As this is an initial release, there may be bugs. If you find an issue or have questions, feel free to contact me on the forums, on Discord (Cylon#2741), or send me a message/tell in game.

This wouldn't have happened without Jor'Mox, the wonderful people of Mudlet's discord server, and a special thanks to @Reylari and @Kali for inspiring large parts of this project. You're all fantastic <3
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