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So this has been an underlying theme in revolts since...probably forever - at least as long as I've been playing, which is a while. It is clear that the government system in Lusternia is pretty much not a choice if you want to stay relevant in terms of village captures and upkeeping guards.

But what am I talking about? I mean the city government that's decided on by each org's respective council, in HELP GOVERNMENT. You can see everyone's government style by hitting POLITICS HALLIFAX, or POLITICS GLOMDORING.

Pretty quickly you're going to see that 5/6 of all orgs are Conquest, and every org is benign. Why? Because the conquest pool is intensely more valuable than the payout given by religious power gain or economic commodity gain. The more villages a conquest government has, the more positive village feelings they'll generate towards villages NOT under their control. It's a win-win-win-win.

Benign governments also generate positive feelings. One only needs to look at the recent Estelbar revolt and see how, JUST by simply winning Estelbar in the previous revolt, Hallifax was able to regain lost ground and eventually outplay Celest near the end - that simply wouldn't have been possible if we didn't max out village feelings ---entirely passively-- due to being benign conquest.

I hope people will stop by and offer solutions to this problem - I'd love to see other styles of governance in play; it really will enrich the game I think. I'll offer up some of my own thoughts.

1. Make the conquest pool available to all governments, and all villages will contribute conquest power - just conquest governments will get more than religious or economic.

2. Significantly increase the commodities (and/or also possibly create a passive gold generation) to economic governments. Make sure the village quests used to generate village feelings with those under economic governments actually work.

3. Significantly increase the amount of raw power religious governments generate...and something else to incentivize being religious.


We need to adjust benign as well, because it's simply too good. I think a good way to re-balance instead of just straight nerf would be to allow villages to contribute more conquest/commodities/power but significantly lessen the passive feelings generation. I think an org should have to work at least a little bit to max out village feelings by the time the next revolt comes around.

Neutral governments should (get an adjective like Grand or Righteous as benign/despotic do) benefit from the previous changes, i.e. they'll have a normal, balanced amount of conquest, power and commodities coming in from their villages. They don't generate passive feelings, but they don't decay either.

Because of how important village feelings are to retake villages, despotic governments should probably not generate as much negative feelings as they do now, if it's a lot. Or if that's unacceptable, MAKE SURE that it's possible to keep in good standing with the village via influencing or village quests! Even if it's hard work. Although we would run into people just scripting through to get both despotic benefits and positive feelings...

My ideas need work. I hope you guys agree with my assessment and come up with some of your own ideas. Down to Benign Conquest!



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    I was thinking about maybe religious governments making it  easier to increase a villages feelings to your org when you influence the villagers outside of a revolt.
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    Tylwyth said:
    I was thinking about maybe religious governments making it  easier to increase a villages feelings to your org when you influence the villagers outside of a revolt.
    That would be ideal honestly. It's like I remember Ragniliff saying some years ago, that it takes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much time, energy and having really no life to even do that. I doubt anyone in the org are willing to make a concerted effort to even try that nowadays no matter how much you try to encourage it.
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