Research and Changing Paths

Right now, the Consortium is following the Desolate/Death path, having learned up to Desolate Fortitude. I don't personally feel like the following two research items (faster insanity recovery for archpower and stasis/conglute 2.0) are really worth having, especially given our alliance's lack of interest in acquiring scarlet anomalies for archpower, and how generally rare it is for us to get anomalies consistently. I don't feel like the powers will be used, and are a bit too expensive anyway.

If we switch paths, will we/Hallifax retain what we've learned so far?
Her voice firm and commanding, Terentia, the Even Bladed says to you, "You have kept your oath to Me, Parhelion. You have sworn to maintain Justice in these troubled times."

Yet if a boon be granted me, unworthy as I am, let it be for a steady hand with a clear eye and a fury most inflaming.


  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord
    My understanding is that you lose everything...
    The system is pretty unforgiving it seems, both on upkeep failures and switching penalties.
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