Southern Ontario/GTA meetup?

SynlSynl Member Posts: 177 Adept
Was talking to Allixea and thought I'd put out some feelers: any interest in a meetup in and around the Toronto area? Just looking for numbers before figuring out a date/place.


  • AllixeaAllixea Member Posts: 70 Capable
    I'm down but would need lots of notice to book time off work.
  • RaughlinRaughlin Member Posts: 15 Novice
    I -might- be interested, but I'm not making any promise as Southern Ontario would be a fair distance to cover for me
  • GurashiGurashi Member Posts: 242 Mythical
    Ishra n mine's dream is to vacation someday to Toronto, so when we're able to pull it off we'll let you know <3!
    Many greetings! I do commissions!

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