Burn Away The Doubt

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Esei noticed that @Gurashi has been a little skittish since they spoke to Nocht in the Fulcrux.



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    Log highlight:

    17:44:14 Gurashi blinks, then bursts into nervous laughter. "S-skittish? No! Am macho bug - am not skittish!" He insists, seeming to grow increasingly agitated.

    I love these glimpses into Glomdoring's day to day. Not everything needs to be a grand and sweeping scene - thank you so much for sharing! <3
    Amazing beautiful stunning avatar by Gurashi!
    A gentle breeze ruffles your wings and whispers in your ears, as if for you alone, "Dragonfly's words shine... seeds, sown and tended, inspire... a forest harvest."
    Maylea reaches out, Her fingers poised in midair. "Now you are of Me, even more than you were before." Her golden and azure eyes glitter. "Walk well, Eldin. Shed glory in My name, and bring life to the lifeless."
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    Thank you Lief! I may or may not plan to pull some other Gloms into The KnowTM myself.
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