Tears in the Inner Sea

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In Unitos' defense we'd just been on astral for ages so it COULD have been insanity!
Huge thank you to @Carakhan for this little bit of order rp. I got to play a side of Misericorde that doesn't normally come out much and had a really enjoyable time!

The soft sound of weeping wafts in upon the Inner Sea breeze.

(Celest): You say, "I hear weeping from the Inner Sea."

(Celest): Unitos (from the Astral Plane) says, "It's not insanity?"

(Celest): You say, "I'm fairly certain it wasn't."

<<Walking Spam>>

You ask Lanikai the Sea Hag, "I apologise for the disruption, but did you hear weeping?"

Unitos enters from the northwest, emanating an aura of immense power.
A glorious pegasus glides in from the northwest on glowing white wings.

You give Unitos a respectful salute.

Starknight Unitos says to you, "Anything? Lousha seems fine."

Lanikai the Sea Hag says, "Lousha? Oh, she is a gentle soul indeed. She always means well."

Gesturing to her head, Lanikai the Sea Hag says, "...but a bit touched, if you catch my drift."

Lanikai the Sea Hag's eyes sparkle at her own pun.

Unitos gives you a respectful salute.

You say to Unitos, "I asked Lanikai - she is thinking. I think."

Lanikai the Sea Hag says, "But no, Lousha is quite alright. It's, well. I suspect it's somebody else this time. She's been very hard on herself. I had hoped- I thought a token might give her some confidence, but if she's crying again..."

Lanikai the Sea Hag gives a pained sigh.

Politely, you ask, "Who has been hard on herself?"
Unitos shudders violently.

With a sigh, Lanikai the Sea Hag says, "It happens this way sometimes. I have told her not to take it to heart, but she seems quite overset. Nalurei, I mean."
You say to Unitos, "Do you know a Nalurei?"

Starknight Unitos says, "Never heard."

Showing that you understand, you nod your head slowly towards Unitos.

With a shake of her head, Lanikai the Sea Hag says, "I think she may have run off to the Isle of Light to practice."

You say to Lanikai the Sea Hag, "We'll go check on her and see if we might brighten her."

Unitos begins to follow you.

You give the world a smart salute.

Unitos follows you west.
You speedwalk west to upon the Isle of Light.

<<Walking Spam. Unitos found her before me>>

Unitos tells you, "Middle of isle."

p Nalurei
Strands of seaweed clump together in a shifting amorphous mass. Pale blue eyes blink within the interwoven strands, bereft of any face to clarify their expression. Trailing pieces of sweed follow the whim of the surrounding current, but other strands shift haphazardly, seemingly following the will of the kelpie, yet no discernable form emerges.
Nalurei has an air of extreme strength.
She weighs about 206 pounds.

You ask Nalurei, "Are you alright?"

Nalurei blinks watery eyes from her huddle near the small shrine. She makes a frantic attempt to dab at them with a frond of seaweed.

You smile softly.

Misericorde kneels in the sand and takes one of cascades of silk from her gown, ripping a bit off to make a strip. She offers this to Nalurei, saying, "Why don't you wipe your eyes?"

Unitos shifts his eyes suspiciously from side to side.
Nalurei reaches out a strand of seaweed and clumsily wraps it around the silk, drawing it back into herself and dabbing somewhat more effectively at her eyes. "Oh, thank you. I am- oh it's silly. I'm sorry. I just lost my charm." She shifts, hulking upwards to peer into the coral grotto.

Starknight Unitos says, "In the shrine?"
Misericorde gives a little nod of encouragement as Nalurei speaks. "What sort of charm? Perhaps we've seen it," she asks.

Softly, Nalurei says, "Yes, in the shrine. I thought I would come here to practice, so that no one would- well, it had to work, or Lanikai wouldn't have given it to me, right? But I- it slipped! And just fell in..."

Misericorde looks up to Unitos to ask, "Do you see it in there?" She stands, dusting her knees from the stand clinging to her gown.

Starknight Unitos says, "Aside, what were you practicing?"

Nalurei bobbing up and down slightly in her distress "I haven't been able to spot it. Even if I did though, it would hardly be right, would it? To take it back?" Her blue gaze flicks to Unitos, and the mound of seaweed appears to shrink in on itself ever so slightly.

Unitos looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

You look thoughtful and say, "I do not think She would be offended, if you dropped it by accident."

Starknight Unitos says, "Of course, it's possible the shrine converted it to an offering, depending what sort of item it was."

Unitos waves his hand dismissively.

Starknight Unitos says, "Maybe not."

You ask Nalurei, "We could always see if She is mindful of the Basin and ask Her to take a look in the shrine?"

Nalurei's eyes go wide and hopeful for a moment, then narrow worriedly, the damp strands of the pile rustling uneasily. "Are you sure that's wise? Would She mind? It seems so... so small a matter. It's only that Lanikai trusted me with it, and it must be powerful because nothing else has worked but I am sure it was going to..." she trails off, trembling with indecision.

Unitos ponders the situation.

Misericorde tilts her head curiously, her tresses stilling for a moment in thought. "Why don't you tell us more about the charm, and what you wanted to do with it?" She suggests. "Maybe we can find it in here without bothering Her?"

Starknight Unitos says, "Well what was the original issue? What were you practicing?"

Nalurei shivers silently for a long moment, before saying in a very small voice. "This is the only form I can manage." A strand of seaweed drops briefly over her eyes, then falls away again, flicking a tear away with it.

"Yes" Nalurei admits. "Lanikai said if I held it, and focused, it would give me the ability to take on the form of a dolphin. So I tried! And I could feel... something. But then I guess I was clumsy, or holding it too hard, and it just sort of... slipped. And fell into the shrine."

Starknight Unitos says, "Perhaps we could just make you a new charm? Lanikai might be able to help."

Starknight Unitos says, "She was pretty understanding about the whole thing."

You nod your head at Unitos, showing your acceptance.

Nalurei says, "Oh dear. I suppose... I suppose I do have to tell her."

Starknight Unitos says, "I'll be... right back."

Unitos touches the Mantle of Starlight and is surrounded by a brilliant white light. The distant song of an angelic choir can be heard, as he is lifted aloft and disappears.

You say to Nalurei, "You didn't lose it on purpose."

Misericorde offers a faint, encouraging smile.

Unitos enters from the north, emanating an aura of immense power.

You tilt your head curiously at Unitos.

Starknight Unitos says to you, "Went to relife people."

Nalurei says, "I didn't, but I wasn't careful enough, and that's... well. Almost as bad."

Misericorde purses her lips and moves nearer the shrine, trying to scan for a dolphin among the figurines.

Though many figurines glimmer amid the oysters, a dolphin figurine remains curiously absent.

Misericorde admits with a little frown, "I'm sorry, I don't see a dolphin here. Perhaps She has it after all?"

Nalurei rustles uneasily. "But what would She want with my charm?"
You say, "Perhaps She is more interested in you?"

You ask Nalurei, "Do you come here often to practice?"
Nalurei's eyes widen in alarm. "I do. It's comforting here, somehow. And none of my family finds me to give helpful advice."
Unitos chuckles long and heartily.

Your eyes sparkle with amusement.

Slowly, you say, "I see."

You reach out and touch a pearlescent aspergillum.
You trace your fingers over the intricate inlay of a pearlescent aspergillum, then flick your wrist, sending a gentle spray of seawater floating in the air.

A fine sea mist coalesces, hanging in the air as Carakhan, Sculptor of Waves turns Her attention to the First World.
An ocean breeze ushers in a flurry of seafoam, from which rises Carakhan, Sculptor of Waves.
You give Carakhan a respectful salute.
Unitos bows respectfully to Carakhan.

Misericorde glances to the nearby kelpie before explaining, "I apologise for the bother, but Nalurei here accidentally lost a dolphin charm in Your shrine. She was using it to help practice changing her form." Looking up, she asks, "Have You seen it?"

(Order): Tridemon says, "Greetings, Lady Carakhan!"

Carakhan opens Her hand in answer, a small shell dolphin, resting upon Her palm. "As it happens, I have."

Nalurei's eyes go wide, and she bobs what might be a an attempt at as much of a polite greeting as a pile of seaweed can manage.

Misericorde gives Nalurei an encouraging look, her head tipping towards the figurine.

You tell Carakhan, Sculptor of Waves, "Thank you, Lady. She has seemed quite distressed at its loss."

(Order): Carakhan says, "Greetings, My Serene Waters. There is one who has a favour to ask of me, if you wished to join us."

Nalurei says, "Um, Lady, um. Could I have my charm back, please? I am very very sorry for bothering you about it."

Great waves crash over one another as they pour in from the south, finally swirling together before solidifying into Tridemon.

Tridemon kneels before Carakhan, swearing his allegiance to Her.

You give Tridemon a respectful salute.

With the gentleness of the sea in a calm, Carakhan, Sculptor of Waves says to Nalurei, "Child, this charm has no virtue in it, though you are welcome to its return. But it will not help you to hold it, or pray over it, or beseech it, or to study it."

Nalurei cringes backwards from the Goddess, the blue eyes filling with tears at the Sculptor's words.

Misericorde frowns subtly, interjecting, "I am certain Lanikai gave it to you in the belief it would help, Nalurei."

A wash of starlight swirls in from the north, swirling together and spiraling upwards before blossoming, revealing the form of Faragan, riding an exalted ivory and gold dragon.
Arriving amid salubrious ivory light, an exalted dragon majestically strides in.

Faragan bows respectfully to Carakhan.

Carakhan lets the shell dolphin fall, a wave leaping up from Her sphere to carry it gently down to the sand, then recedes, leaving it to lie there in the gleaming sand. "It is not a lack of skill, or a lack of willpower, or a lack of effort that prevents your shaping. Why do you wish to shape yourself like a dolphin?"

Tridemon looks curiously upon the shapeless kelpie, as understanding dawns in his eyes at the Goddess's words.

Nalurei inches out a seaweed tendril towards the shell dolphin, wrapping around it and pulling it back towards herself. Her gaze flickers between the mortals and the Goddess, worried and confused. "I- well. Everyone else can... it's supposed to be easy?" She says, puzzled.

Misericorde muses aloud for Nalurei's benefit, "What may be easy to others may not come naturally to someone else."

Carakhan's gaze glances towards you briefly, a hint of a smile at Her lips, before She turns Her attention back to the cowering kelpie. "So. It is only because others have done so. What do you know of dolphins, child?"

You tilt your head curiously at Nalurei.

Blue eyes still darting in bewilderment, Nalurei says, "Um. They are animals? They are important to protect. They swim. They are playful. They are..."

Nalurei trails off beneath the withering stare of the Goddess.

You think to yourself: It sounds like she wants to feel important.

Misericorde glances to Carakhan for a moment before saying to Nalurei, "That's all very... Obvious. What calls to your in your heart that you want to look like a dolphin?"

Her voice small, Nalurei says, "I... I don't know..."

Tridemon ponders Nalurei thoughtfully, looking her up and down.

Misericorde purses her lips, reasoning gently, "But something must call to you about them?"

Carakhan, Sculptor of Waves says to Nalurei, "Then perhaps you should find out. Find Me, when you can answer her question."

Carakhan's sphere splits into two large waves, which rise and crash above the Goddess's head with a thunderous clap. When the water and mist dissipate, She is gone.

Misericorde exhales a soft breath at the Goddess' sudden disappearance, her eyes momentarily wide before she looks to Nalurei.

You say to Nalurei, "It seems you've been given quite a task."

"I have never really thought about it." Nalurei confesses, trembling slightly. "I have just... they're just there? You know?"

Tridemon Regalis, Keeper of Pure Waters says to you, "Kelpies are fae-kin. They can be a touch... flighty."

Misericorde kneels down in the sand again, her hands folding into her lap. She says in a thoughtful manner to Nalurei, "Yes, I do. But I think there's something that must draw you to them." She gives a nod of acknowledgement to Tridemon before continuing, "I think it would benefit you to dwell hard on why you want to be that shape, specifically."

Tridemon ponders the situation.

Tridemon Regalis, Keeper of Pure Waters says, "Palm sigil. Need a palm sigil..."

Great waves crash over one another as they pour in from the north, finally swirling together before solidifying into Tridemon.

Tridemon Regalis, Keeper of Pure Waters says, "A masterpiece. Need a masterpiece..."

With a little frown, you ask Tridemon, "What are you doing?"

Tridemon Regalis, Keeper of Pure Waters says, "Painting."

Tridemon Regalis, Keeper of Pure Waters says, "It might help."

Starknight Unitos says, "Painting a dolphin?"

Nalurei blinks her eyes rapidly. "I, yes, I... Maybe I should go and think about it. And find a dolphin and really look at him. They seem so full of joy" She adds, wistfully.

Misericorde gives Nalurei an encouraging nod. "Yes, I think that would help you answer the Sculptor's question."

You say to Nalurei, "And if you need someone to discuss your thoughts, we're all here to help."

Misericorde flashes the kelpie a fleeting smile.

Tridemon Regalis, Keeper of Pure Waters says, "And done."

You ask Tridemon, "What did you paint?"

Nalurei wraps herself around the painting, "This is- oh! This is lovely!" She says, unwrapping herself slightly. "May I keep this while I think? I will need to think, and study, but I will try to find you later, before I risk- ummmm to see Her again."

Your eyes sparkle with amusement.

Tridemon Regalis, Keeper of Pure Waters says to you, "Dolphins playing in the sea. It's a bit short on detail, but abstractions are perfectly acceptable when you're trying to communicate an ideal instead of accurately portraying a subject."

Tridemon Regalis, Keeper of Pure Waters says to Nalurei, "Oh, you should keep it. I painted it just for you."

You nod your head at Tridemon.

Misericorde stands from her place on the beach, her hands dusting grains of sand from her gown's cloth. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Narulei," she says. "I'll leave you to your thoughts."

Beginning to sidle across the sands, Nalurei says, "Thank you. Thank you all very much."

Absent obvious means of propulsion, a formless clump of seaweed drifts out to the south.

You say to Tridemon, "What a strange turn of events."

You say to Unitos, "Thank you for your help in finding her."

Starknight Unitos says, "Strange indeed."

You give the world a smart salute.


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    A kelpie who can't take shape yet? I already love Nalurei! Thank you so much for sharing. <3
    Amazing beautiful stunning avatar by Gurashi!
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