Reflections of Joy

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We're all Marie Kondo up in here! I had a great time with Nalurei. She's quickly become my fav and I can't wait to see how she further develops!

Mage Udo, a Righteous Attendant says, "There is she is."

Udo's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

Nalurei exclaims to Unitos, "I have an answer to her question you see- oh!"

You give the world a smart salute.

Nalurei bobs up and down excitedly at the sight of you. "I found you! I wasn't sure where to be, but Lanikai told me to start at the centre and keep asking, so I did!"

Udo tilts his head curiously.
You say to Nalurei, "I was just in the library recovering from my time up at Astral."

With a faint smile, you ask Nalurei, "Have you been giving the Sculptor's question thought?"

Nalurei says to you, "It was your question. And I have. So I thought I would find you, and tell you."

You ask Nalurei, "Oh? What conclusions have you come to?"

Drawing herself up, Nalurei says, "I love dolphins. They are beautiful as they leap through the waves, and remind me of freedom. And it is not only their form that I admire, but their daring, and their joy."

Misericorde bends down into a crouch, her arms wrapping around her knees as she places herself at a closer eye-level with Nalurei. "Those are all admirable things," she replies thoughtfully. Allowing her head to tilt to the side she questions, "So now that you know for certain why you admire dolphins, how will you proceed? Do you still want to take the shape of one, or does knowing why you admire them feel enough for now?"

Nalurei's gaze drops down to the small shell dolphin figurine that still rests within the bed of seaweed as she considers your question, then rises again to meet your amber eyes. "I want to find a way to show their joy back to them. The way that Tridemon's painting does. If I could take their shape, perhaps I could find a way to convey that to them. I would like that." Her voice ends on a note of wistfulness.

Misericorde nods in understanding, her expression yet thoughtful. "As a thank you, for their inspiration?" She allows rocks back onto her heels and she purses her lips. "You know," she offers slowly. "Lanikai mentioned that sometimes it happened that a kelpie had difficulty taking shapes. At least that's what I understood her comment to mean. Do you know of any other kelpies who have trouble?"

"As a thank you, yes" Nalurei agrees. She glances away a moment. "There are plenty of stories. They usually end in either death or saving the day and being the greatest shapeshifter of the age." Her eyes blink rapidly. "I don't personally know anyone who has had the same sort of trouble. There's varying abilities, of course, but..." she trails off.

The body of Viviana appears in a flash and her soul descends to fill it, causing the previously expressionless face to fill with emotion.

Viviana says, "Hello."

Udo greets Viviana with a sincere smile.

(Celest): Viviana says, "Hello!"

Misericorde chuckles softly, her head nodding at Nalurei. "Yes, that sounds about right for those sorts of stories. But perhaps," she begins, "We could ask Lanikai sometime if she could tell us of such a kelpie that she remembers. Maybe they're still about to ask questions to?"
Misericorde offers Viviana a little salute of greeting.

Viviana says, "How are all of you?"

Mage Udo, a Righteous Attendant says to Viviana, "I am well, yourself?"

Nalurei lifts a tendril of seaweed to wave a greeting to Viviana. To you she says "Maybe. Although... She did say to find Her once I had answered your question... But Lanikai seems safer."

Viviana's eyes repeatedly shut as she tries to stay awake.
Your eyes sparkle with amusement at Nalurei.

Drifting towards her through the flooded street, Nalurei says to you, "Oh, I suppose we could try now. If you have time! Or later is fine too."

Misericorde stands from her crouched position, her hands moving to give the skirts of her gown a useless little shake to send water sprinkling onto the ground. "Let's try her now and see if we've caught her in a lull from her work," she suggests to Nalurei.

Nalurei begins to follow you.

You give the world a smart salute.

Coral fortress.

You give Lanikai the Sea Hag a respectful salute.
Lanikai the Sea Hag glares angrily at you.

Misericorde murmurs a low, "Oh dear," before clearing her throat. In a louder tone she says to Lanikai the Sea Hag, "Have we caught you at an inopportune time? Nalurei and I had a few questions."

Lanikai the Sea Hag says, "It is an awkward time, but I appreciate what you have been doing. What questions do you have?"

Misericorde looks down to Nalurei before turning her attention fully to Lanikai the Sea Hag. "We've been discussing why Nalurei wanted to take the shape of a dolphin. I was curious if you knew of any other kelpies about who once had difficulty holding a shape? Nalurei mentioned some old tales that are told, but did not know of anyone presently who once had the issue."

You say, "We were hoping to speak with them for some tips for her."

Lanikai the Sea Hag frowns consideringly. "Well, there is Lousha, but the situation there is rather different. There is another who springs to mind who had similar problems, but it has been a while, and I do not think it would be kind to remind them of it now. Besides, for her, poor dear, the 'magic charm' was the little bit of confidence she needed to stop overthinking it, so to speak."

Lanikai the Sea Hag says, "Of course, she was never one of the best, but she can do a very nice cow."

Misericorde nods understandingly to Lanikai the Sea Hag. "That is useful nonetheless," she states. To Nalurei she then asks, "When you are trying to hold a different shape, what are you thinking about?"

Nalurei had shrunk slightly in disappointment, but at your words she expands. "Well, before, I was mostly thinking about trying to get each piece of seaweed into the right place, and how embarrassing it was that I couldn't get them to stay properly all at once. I have tried since, and mostly I have been thinking about how cool dolphins are and how frustrating it was that I couldn't seem to look like them."

Misericorde exhales a small stream of bubbles in thought, her head soon nodding. "The next few times you are practicing," she says to Nalurei, "I want you to hold their image in your mind and think of nothing but the joy you want to reflect back to them. If you begin to feel frustrated stop and try again later. You want your experiences shifting into another form to be positive, not stressful." She flashes Nalurei an encouraging little smile.

Nalurei bobs up and down in acknowledgment. "I will. I will try. That... the joy. I want to reflect the joy back to them." She pauses for a moment "Maybe I should go find a dolphin to, um, reflect back to."

Lanikai the Sea Hag says, "That sounds like an excellent plan."

Her eyes sparkling with amusement, you ask Nalurei, "Would you like to be alone while you try?"

Nalurei bobs vigorously. "Oh, yes, very much alone please."

Misericorde nods firmly at Nalurei. "It may take a few tries, and it may only be for a short little while. But I think this is a step in the right direction for you."

As she drifts off, Nalurei says, "Thank you both."

Absent obvious means of propulsion, a formless clump of seaweed drifts out to the up.

Misericorde salutes and then offers a little wave goodbye to Nalurei.

You say to Lanikai the Sea Hag, "Thank you for your time. At the very least her mood seems to be much improved now."

Lanikai the Sea Hag says to you, "It does. I hope she finds success. She tries so very hard."

You nod your head at Lanikai the Sea Hag, showing your acceptance.

You say to Lanikai the Sea Hag, "Until next time. Which will likely be soon with those beacons."

Misericorde snorts softly in amusement and then salutes Lanikai the Sea Hag goodbye.

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