Shiny Fortune

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You greet Seer Pachima Mologmomo with a sincere smile.
With a twinkle in her eyes, Seer Pachima Mologmomo exclaims, "The Fates have smiled upon me, I can tell you your future!"

You say, "Can you read my fortune, please?"
With an inviting gesture, Seer Pachima Mologmomo exclaims, "Why of course! Who else can read fortunes as well as I can? Astrologers? Perish the thought!"

Seer Pachima Mologmomo says, "Come, sit! It will cost you only five hundred gold coins to hear of the wonders the future has in store for you. Let us handle the transaction first before we begin delving into the arcane."

Dys Mzithrei says, "This is on the Stairs of Death on Avechna's peak."

You get 500 gold sovereigns from a roomy, mandala-embroidered blue silk backpack.

You give 500 gold sovereigns to Seer Pachima Mologmomo.
Pushing the money to the side, Seer Pachima Mologmomo exclaims, "Excellent, excellent! Make yourself comfortable and lay your hands upon the crystal ball that it may savour your energy!"

You reach out and touch a mysterious crystal ball.
A feeling like a hundred spiders running up your fingers through your arms and onto your body shakes through your being as the crystal ball draws some of your energy into itself.

Gazing into the crystal ball, Seer Pachima Mologmomo says, "Yesss, yes! I can see... I can see..."
Seer Pachima Mologmomo peers into the crystal ball intently, hands moving in enigmatic gestures about its surface.

The image within the crystal ball shifts, swirls of energy churning eagerly.

Darkness descends upon the room, all candles extinguishing as if a divine breath has claimed all the flames in one exhale. The crystal ball fills with an eerie ethereal light which illuminates Pachima's enraptured face.

The light reflecting in her spectacles, Seer Pachima Mologmomo says, "Oh, oh my... this is... rare."

Ethereal light swirls within the crystal ball, neither warm nor cold. Rays of shimmering light burst forth from within at irregular intervals.

Hands cradling the crystal ball, Seer Pachima Mologmomo says, "I can see it, truly see it. There is... too much shine here. Too much! Too many sparkles and glitter and refraction. No. More. Shimmering. From now on, all matte."
Seer Pachima Mologmomo holds onto the crystal ball a while longer while ethereal light bursts from between her fingertips. Slowly she manages to disperse the light and candles come aflame within the room.

Looking to the doorway, Seer Pachima Mologmomo says, "Anyone else?"
Seer Pachima Mologmomo tells you, "Your next fortune, should you desire such, will cost 1000 coins, I won't risk the wrath of the Fates for less for you!"

Dys grins, a flash of white teeth visible for a moment within the shadows of her hood.

So sparkly I overwhelmed a crystal ball!

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