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Mudlet users rejoice, Lusternia's crowdmap went live today! This is a crowdsourced game map, similar to the ones seen in Achaea and Starmourn. To use it, just update the mapper script and then
mconfig crowdmap true

May require a Mudlet restart after updating to work properly.

Special thanks to @Kali for her work on portal entrances, orgbix rooms and the Divine Havens, and a shoutout to the IRE mapping script team for making this happen.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Post 'em here! Interested in contributing? Message me here on the forums or send an in-game message to Kaiel.



  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,649 Transcendent
    What does this do?
    I used to make cakes.

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  • KaliKali Member Posts: 89 Adept
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    Daraius said:
    What does this do?
    It's basically a more complete map that you can have the mapper download, instead of the one provided on the lusternia website. It'll hopefully have normally unmapped stuff mapped, as well as include special exits, like having to push the rock to go to Tosha, for improved pathfinding!
  • KaiKai Member Posts: 18 Inept
    Daraius said:
    What does this do?
    This replaces the map provided by the MUD with a more complete crowdsourced map, the current contributors are myself and Kali. Summary of current changes vs the game-provided map:
    New Celest significantly overhauled
    Isle of Light moved into the inner sea
    Cloud Maelstrom mapped
    Glacier Sea and Shattered Earth mapped
    Ilmdria Rest mapped
    Aegis of Vestera mapped
    Lots of miscellaneous rooms spread out across a lot of areas
    Divine Temples linked to the outside world
    Lots and lots and lots of special exits added, courtesy of Kali (this means you can use the 'goto' alias to get to areas behind special exits, like Plaxios, the Illithoid Prison, and so forth)
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