The Impossible Shevat ladies talk about Czixi and the Order

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In case you ever wondered what Czixi's Order gets up to unsupervised.

Iatira Shevat says, "I have not seen Ruin in quite some time."
You say to Aiya Ehc'zi, "I've brought Iatira by for a visit, and I hope you won't mind if we chat a bit in front of you. I'm not sure she's quite understood some things about the Order, and I'd like to set her mind at ease."
You say, "As for Ruin, she was speaking with Eurael down below last time I saw her. Or above. However you want to look at it."
Comprehension flashes across Iatira's face.
Iatira Shevat says, "I vaguely recall things being said about a dinner."
Iatira purses her lips, deep in thought.
You say, "Alright, so."
Iatira nods her head sagely.
"Everything you think you know about Orders, forget it." Alexandria smiles briefly, continuing, "Hers has never been like that, nor will it be."
Using her tongue and the roof of her mouth, Iatira makes a quiet clicking noise.
Iatira Shevat says, "Interesting. Consider it forgotten."
You say, "She wants no worshippers, and if anything, She is more likely to implicitly mistrust anyone trying to the extent some of the Others might expect."
Iatira Shevat says, "Is essence considered worshipping?"
You tell Researcher Merlose Shevat, the Windseeker, "I'm having a chat with Iatira about the Order and expectations, if you'd like to join us."
Merlose tells you, "Oh, okay!"
Alexandria shakes her head. "No, essence is useful. Worship, not so much." She laughs quietly, taking a seat on the bare ground facing towards the distant nebula, mindless of any possibility of dirtying her gown.
Raising her hand in greeting, Merlose says "Hello!"
Merlose hugs Iatira compassionately.
Merlose hugs you compassionately.
Iatira runs a hand through her curls. "So" she says thoughtfully, "I mean, how do you tell the difference between worshipping and not?"
Merlose flashes Aiya Ehc'zi a joyous smile.
Alexandria smiles as her daughter appears, staying in her casual sitting position on the ground.
Iatira flashes Merlose a joyous smile.
Iatira hugs Merlose compassionately.
You say, "Well. She doesn't really care what you think of Her, for example."
Iatira's eyes sparkle with amusement.
Iatira Shevat says, "This makes sense."
You say, "Even if you hate Her, and mistrust Her, it doesn't matter to Her, as long as you are doing what you swore you would when you joined."
Iatira Shevat says, "Chasing after my fate?"
You say, "Exactly. Seeking your impossible dream. Fighting against the Fates, to find what you need to be the most you that you can be."
Merlose nods her head in agreement.
Iatira Shevat says to you, "I think I have been...."
You say, "You're still thinking of goals, dear."
Iatira Shevat says, "I mean except for that whole slight depression sink."
Alexandria smiles fondly at Iatira.
Iatira tilts her head curiously.
You say, "It's never about the goals, except as a means to be you along the way."
Iatira sucks thoughtfully on her teeth.
Researcher Merlose Shevat, the Windseeker says, "Goals are... they're useful. But they're things to do, they're not you. They're not who you are."
Iatira Shevat says, "Oh! I mean, I know who I am..."
You say, "But do you?"
You say, "I don't mean that in a bad way."
Iatira scratches her head again and blinks. "Well, sure. I'm Iatira."
You say, "Iatira is the smallest part of who you are, while still being the whole."
Iatira Shevat says, "I like tea, and....does that count a little?"
You say, "I am Alexandria. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a follower, a Minister, a Voice. I'm a cook, a tailor, a mage, a demigoddess, a trill, a changeling..."
You say, "All those things can and do change."
You say, "They're not who -I- am."
Iatira blinks.
Iatira furrows her brow and takes in the words. "Then who -are- you?"
Merlose smiles softly as if answering the question to herself.
You say, "I am the guardian of the hopes, I'm the Effervescent Sylph. I am the airy being who yearns for the sky and the ground, the easily delighted creature who unshakably believes in the impossible. I'm a friend, an aspirant to the Cadre, seeking a way to make that a reality. I'm the love who lights up Nelras's eyes and gives our Lady the Hope that perhaps everything doesn't have to be terrible, for everyone, forever."
You say, "I'm the one who dreams for all of you, the one who hopes and loves and believes."
Furrowing her brows, Aiya Ehc'zi acquires an equally intense and quizzical expression.
(This is where we all got excited thinking it wasn't just a random. Haha.)
You say, "I'm never anything so mundane as just Alexandria. Except when I am."
You flash Iatira a joyous smile.
Iatira Shevat says, "Oh. OH."
Iatira Shevat says, "I...I kind of understand!"
Iatira Shevat says to Merlose, "And you! Who are you?"
Iatira's expression becomes one of excitement.
You tell Jhura Shevat, "Merlose and I are chatting with another Order member by Aiya, if you'd like to join us."
The soft voice of Jhura tickles your ear, "Ah, I'll be there soon."
Jhura curtseys gracefully.
Iatira flashes Jhura a joyous smile.
Researcher Merlose Shevat, the Windseeker says to Iatira, "I'm the Windseeker. A searcher for truths, an explorer of vistas, and expander of horizons. And... I'm find myself a challenger of those who need to challenged. Working on that, at least. But That's part of finding out there's more to the Lodestar than I anticipated."
Jhura flashes Iatira a joyous smile.
Merlose hugs Jhura compassionately.
Jhura hugs Merlose compassionately.
Iatira claps her hands together merrily.
You say, "Your Name is only the beginning of who you are. Sure, it encompasses everything you ever are and will be. But even you won't realise -how much- that actually is, because you'll continue to grow and change over time, making more out of it than you ever expected."
Iatira Shevat says to you, "I am the one who gets easily and almost childlike excited by things. 
Who believes in revelry and that anything is possible, and who dreams of stars. You mean those things?"
You say to Iatira, "That's -exactly- it. That's who you are. The start of it. Not all of it. But it will guide you along the way much better than worrying about becoming a demigoddess, or gaining cityrank, or a position in your guild."
Iatira claps her hands together merrily.
Merlose flashes Iatira a joyous smile.
Jhura Shevat says, "I... I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately, myself."
You flash Jhura a joyous smile.
Iatira Shevat says to you, "I think I get it now!"
Researcher Merlose Shevat, the Windseeker says, "Nothing... nothing that'd I've DONE has made us this way. Having a checklist of tasks to complete would have just been ticking boxes off. I'm working on being the Lodestar, but there's nothing I can -do- that will get me there, except for well, learning to be it. That's what goals are good for. Learning about yourself. But they're not what makes you, you."
Iatira nods her head at Merlose.
Iatira Shevat says, "I'm...well I'm lots of things!"
Iatira Shevat says, "And I mean, most of them I've known. I didn't realize how important it was...who I am."
Iatira Shevat says to Aiya Ehc'zi, "I'm beginning to understand now! It all makes more sense, finally."
Jhura Shevat says, "It's a... Difficult concept to grasp at first."
Researcher Merlose Shevat, the Windseeker smiles impishly and says, "Being yourself? Funny how that works."
Iatira nods her head at Jhura.
Jhura grins mischievously at Merlose.
Alexandria smiles softly. To Jhura, she says, "It is. As I told Iatira before you arrived, forget everything you think you know about Orders. That's not how it is, here."
Iatira Shevat says to Merlose, "To be fair, there's a whole lot of places that don't really care about who you are, but more what you can do for them."
Iatira Shevat says, "Somewhat easy to lose one's identity."
Jhura laughs, her lips quirking into a grin. "Everything I know about them? That'll be easy enough."
You grin mischievously at Jhura.
More seriously now, Researcher Merlose Shevat, the Windseeker says, "It is, it really is. And it's not always easy to know... who you really are. That's why the challenge to define ourselves. And then, once we -think- we have a definition, we try to live up to it, and find out how much more it really is."
Iatira nods her head sagely.
Iatira Shevat laughingly says, "Is it odd that this makes me more excited?"
You say, "Not even a little bit odd."
Iatira claps her hands together merrily.
Jhura Shevat smiles impishly and says to Iatira, "I'm right there with you."
Researcher Merlose Shevat, the Windseeker says to Iatira, "And I'm not going to sit here and act like Czixi isn't interested in what you can do for Her. That's... that's not something I think is true. But to Her credit, I think She does genuinely care about who you are, and wants to see you be that person. For yourself, as much as for Her."
Iatira stuffs a cookie into her mouth, and through the crumbs manages, "I mean, this is the most excited I've been in a good while." She grins, bits of the cookie still showing in her teeth. "See, that's wonderful!"
With a distant look in her eyes as she remembers something, Alexandria says, "She cares much more than you'd expect. Just... not in a way you'd ever think to see it."
Iatira coughs softly and swallows, her expression innocent. "You saw no crumbs."
Merlose nods her head at you.
You smile wryly at Iatira.
Iatira Shevat says to you, "I can see that. The not in the expected way part."
Dryly, Researcher Merlose Shevat, the Windseeker says to Iatira, "My dear auntie, you haven't seen crumbs until you've seen crumbs until you've seen Ruin eat 5 platters of macarons in as many bites. I'm not sure your crumbs even count."
Alexandria claps her hands together sharply, standing up from the ground and giving the skirt of a star-adorned gown of midnight blue silk and gossamer a quick shake to dust it off. "Well. Have you any questions for us?"
Jhura Shevat laughingly says, "Oooh, now that's a sight you have to see! I thought they were exaggerating when they told me about it."
Iatira Shevat says to Merlose, "Unfortunately I have never witnessed that."
You say, "I may have a few extra cookies for that show, though I think she's still busy right now."
Iatira Shevat says to you, "I'm sure there will be many along the way. I owe you all a lot, for explaining things to where I understand."
Iatira claps her hands together merrily.
Iatira Shevat says, "The best part may be finding out more along the way. About who we are, I mean."
You say, "I want all of you to succeed."
You hug Iatira compassionately.
You hug Jhura compassionately.
Iatira hugs you compassionately.
You hug Merlose compassionately.
Jhura hugs you compassionately.
Jhura Shevat smiles and says, "With family like this, how could we not?"
Iatira Shevat smiles impishly and says, "The Order does appear to be a family thing."
You say, "Merlose has come to it easily enough, but I think that a good part of that is due to spending so much time with me as I have progressed, too."
You smile and say, "She's always understood how atypical things are around here."
Iatira Shevat laughingly says to you, "I don't follow you about nearly enough."
You say to Iatira, "You don't, and not for lack of my trying."
"Tsk, tsk," you say to Iatira as you waggle a finger at her.
Jhura giggles happily.
Eyes wide and innocent, Iatira Shevat says, "I promise to behave better."
Researcher Merlose Shevat, the Windseeker smiles and says, "Well, the impossible dream is... very near to my heart. I think it comes easily from that, too. but certainly, having mom show me the way has helped."
Iatira's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.
You say, "I'm not trying to take credit for your progress at all. Just saying it's easier when you never thought to expect anything else."
You give Merlose a friendly squeeze.
Alexandria smiles softly, turning her head to rummage through an antique purse of silver-beaded silk for something.
<Allie pulls out a bottle of tea and pours herself a cup, then hands out swirling nebula macaron cookies>
You say to Jhura, "How have you been doing? We haven't spoken of Names since you've joined."
Jhura Shevat says to you, "Not much closer to my Name, but I have been considering my dream, and I think I have a good idea of what it is now."
"Oooooooooh!" Iatira says, eyes wide with wonder.
Iatira Shevat says, "Oh that's pretty."
Jhura beams broadly.
You smile and say, "Merlose's recipe."
Iatira gives Merlose a wild cheer!
Alexandria lifts a hand to stroke it gently across a nebulous pauldron of trailing mist, the look on her face faintly wistful
Iatira Shevat says, "Careful!"
Iatira Shevat says, "I touched mine once. It didn't exactly end well."
You laughingly say, "I know better than to touch mine casually."
Iatira Shevat says, "Something about calling when I didn't need to....and scary things."
Jhura tilts her head curiously.
You say, "If I truly seek Her attention, I go to Her fulcrux."
Iatira Shevat says, "Usually Ruin saves me from decapitation."
You say, "In much the same way that I would never presume to do half the things I am able to that relate to the Order."
A wry smile spreads across your face.
Iatira grins mischievously at you.
You say, "Alright. Well, know that I'm here for you, however you need, whenever you need, ladies."
You say, "Aiya and Ruin and Eurael are always happy to help when they're not busy, too."
You say, "Please don't be afraid to ask if you have questions. It will truly never be held against you by any of us, and, well... ask us before you ask Her, usually."
A wry smile spreads across your face.
Jhura grins mischievously at you.
You laughingly say, "Even if it's a question specifically for Her, you're probably still better off asking one of us."
You say, "I learned that the hard way."
Jhura Shevat says, "Very much noted."

Czixi, the Welkin murmurs, "Fight on, My Effervescent Sylph. I will be with you as you do."

Aian Lerit'r, Lead Schematicist exclaims to you, "A *paperwork* emergency, Chairman!

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