Mudlet 4.4 – MSP, mapper dot option, stopwatch improvements, and selection fix

Added a new option for customising the mapper’s “you are here” location marker, added notepad autosave, re-added stopwatches overhaul and fixed a possible crash when copying text in this update!

MSP (Mud Sound Protocol)

Thanks to Tamarindo from StickMUD, Mudlet now supports MSP! This allows the game to ask Mudlet to play sounds automatically (say, when you enter a room or start a fight). This is different from playSoundFile(), a function you can use in triggers/aliases to play sounds.

If your game already supports MSP, try enabling it today! If you’re a game admin and you only allow specific clients to enable MSP, add Mudlet to the list :)

Tamarindo also developed a more modern replacement for MSP (last updated in 2001) called MUD Client Media Protocol (MCMP) – something that is more fitting for 2020. If you’re interested in adding media to your game today, consider adding this.

Customisable room marker

SlySven added a feature to customise the room marker – there’s now several different styles as well as an option to create your own!

Overhauled stopwatches

SlySven put in a lot of work to improve stopwatches: they can now persist across sessions, be deleted/recreated as needed, adjusted on the fly, be given names and more. See all of the new functions in the API.

While stopwatches worked as expected, their functionality was very limited. Additionally, they worked differently from their real world counterparts which made their use not very intuitive.


Thanks to all coders: aaronjoslyn, CriusMacOldenly, demonnic, keneanung, mpconley, SlySven, and vadi2.

Thanks to all translators: finalcn, Garagoth, Leris, Marco “M0lid3us” Tironi (wiploo), Shoryu Shin (shoryu49), and wendeli alves (wilcoxjvkb).



  • custom look’n’feel for the mapper red ‘you are here’ dot in settings
  • support for more than 3 mouse buttons for the event engine
  • overhauled stopwatches with a ton of new features
  • portugese (brazilian) language for translation
  • MSP (Mud Sound Protocol)!


  • notepad content is autosaved every 2mins (previously, only ever saved on profile close)


  • crash on selection
  • temporary aliases are now removed like everything else with resetProfile()
  • font size in composer no longer huge


  • support for 64bit Discord libraries on Windows (Mudlet on Windows does not yet do 64bit, but it does on Linux and macOS)
  • Mudlet now uses latest Qt 5.13.2 on Windows
  • Travis CI configuration modernised

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