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Many people will agree that Artisanry is one of the less desirable trade skills, and for a number of reasons (long decay, small profit, trans skill that could be much better).  While I am not going to propose a big revamp of artisanry (although a new trans skill would be great, and if you have ideas, suggest them), I do think that we should be open to new patterns within the Trade.  Every time this is asked for, it gets shot down, but as gold sinks are such a big issue right now, and the levels of commodities are so high, introducing new things for people to fill their manses with could only be beneficial to this.

I know the Admin are against adding items that don't have a real benefit, but the players would use the skills.  Perhaps even giving these items lower commodity costs and shorter decay times could justify having no benefit other than RP?

As such, I'd like to propose that either A) New skills be added into artisanry for the following items (will put a skill name in parentheses next to it if new skill would fit better) or B) These be added to already existing Skills (which I will group the items by, as this is likely easier than making new skills).

Feel free to suggest additional things, i'm just going to be suggesting broad, big pieces.



Cases - Many people would just like to have this as noun for boxes, or a new pattern, for instruments and such.



Lamps - Just add this in with sconces as a noun

Shelves (Shelving) - Items can be placed atop these, usable only by the manse owner.  Artifacts could have a longer reset time on shelves, and can only place artifacts you own atop them.

Calendar - When read, will show you the date (READ <DATE>, without date, will show you that day).  Can be written in with WRITE ON CALENDAR FOR <DATE> <REMINDER> and will show a reminder for that date when read.

Hanging Plant (Landscaping) - a small potted plant to hang on the wall, simply for beautification.

Clock - Functions like a watch, only stationary



Bong - simply for RP, I think it would be hilarious.



Dresser - simply a new noun, put clothes inside


The following are items that do not fit well into a current category, but would be great additions.  I'll group them into various skills:


Landscaping (only in outdoor rooms, would give purpose for that manse artifact):

Bushes - could include shrub, topiary, etc. for small bushes that would be planted

Grass - A carpet of grass, acts like rugs in hiding sigils

Gardens - Would be small gardens that are simply for aesthetics

Ponds - Small ponds that you can dig out in outdoor rooms (If you wanted a purpose, could allow bathing in that room)



Toilet - Pretty obvious

Bath - Tub, shower, bathtub, could allow for bathing in a room

Sink - Could allow for bathing, also include maybe pump and faucet as nouns



Freezer - refrigerator as another noun, could slow down the decay of foods, make it the same as baskets

Stove - will not allow for cooking food, but will allow you to heat up food, making it more filling.

Pantry - could store cooking related commodities, only accessible by manse owner

ChinaCabinet - stores cups, slows the decay time

Bar - Perhaps allow kegs to be placed within it, can fill cups from the bar with FILL <CUP> FROM BAR WITH <LIQUID>, make liquid(s) show up when probed


KnickKnacks: (These could be portable, and can be placed upon small tables, one per table)

Statuette - small sculpture, similar to statues, has to be carved from items like statues (denizens, players, Divine, etc.)

PictureFrame - A small frame, can put a sketch inside of it

Vase - Vase that flowers can be placed within, flowers show when probed, but could have a different description when holding flowers.

Jar - Could hold pastries, slowing their decay like baskets



Please feel free to add onto this!





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    I like the additions!  Definitely could do with more wall fixations since there are only sconces, drapes, and tapestries.

    What if the trans ability is an item/ability that gives some chance to avoid statues/totems and/or a chance to avoid some of the runes on them?

    Could follow the theme of other skills (magic tome, splendours, etc.) of an item giving a small benefit to combat that isn't overpowering.
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