Taking up the family tradition of meddling

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In a fine family habit, strongly displayed by Ymuli and furthered by Aramel, Allie has taken up meddling in her daughter's life. 

Alexandria looks at Kethaera thoughtfully, her eyes pensive. "On a completely different subject, though, how... agreeable are you about meddling in the lives of family?"
Kethaera casts a wary glance in your direction. "That may depend on the family in question, and the intentions."
Alexandria hops off the ground with a quick flutter of her wings, hovering for a brief moment before settling again. "Well, I told my daughter I was -going- to meddle, and she sort of said it was okay?" She smiles brightly, clearly unconcerned by the apparent lack of firm guidelines.
Kethaera folds her arms over her chest, her own wings draped around her like a cloak. "Then I have a couple additional questions," she says, walking around to your right while keeping her gaze on the Faeling. "Are you asking if I have philosophical objections to you meddling in your daughter's affairs, or are you asking for my participation in it?"
Alexandria's smile widens, watching Kethaera's movements with an amused gleam in her eyes. She drawls slowly, "Booooth?" Her smile turns mischievous as she adds, "Only if you're willing, of course."
Kethaera lifts her shoulders in a shrug. "I'm  afraid I must know the details of the contract before I agree to sign. And..." she adds, pacing back in the opposite direction while studying your expression. "Your... manner suggests that I should be cautious."
Still seemingly amused, Alexandria manages to sober her tone enough to say, "Well, perhaps you would be less inclined to doubt my sincerity if I were to..." Her figure seems to melt and shift, rapidly growing in size as she is suddenly a lucidian. Clearing her throat, she says, "Anyway. If you prefer contracts, you should certainly consider writing them yourself. I am just attempting to set matters in motion, for my beloved daughter, and my friend who seems to have spent a lot of quality time in her own presence for some years now." Smiling impishly again, she lights up to a cheerful citrine yellow and says, "After all, you know who my mother is. This can hardly come as a surprise."
Kethaera takes several steps back, muttering under her breath, "Sincerity, sure, but you looked better before..." Giving a slight hop, she beats her wings rapidly, rising off the ground until she's hovering just at eye level with you. "You know I love writing contracts," she continues, after catching her breath, "But I'm still a bit puzzled as to what it would be about. You are asking me to, ah, court your daughter?"
Alexandria blinks her glossy eyes and looks around, her face thoughtful as she shifts through a spectrum of colours and adjusts to the change of perspective. "Mmm. No wings, either." Apparently content enough for the moment, her smile returns along with the sunny glow. "Yes, I suppose so. I'm going to need more practice at this meddling business. Perhaps if I can pin cousin Ymuli down..."
Kethaera continues hovering, her wings settling into a steady rhythm. "I am not familiar with him," says, her brow furrowing. "But... that is a yes? Are you saying... I mean, is she interested?" The question is posed casually, though she leans forward toward you as she asks, nearly overbalancing herself in the process.
Rather than directly responding, Alexandria speaks as though recounting a story. "Once, we were discussing the habits of faelings and shoulder perches, and I made her a painting of a loboshigaru with a faeling perched upon her shoulder." Her eyes sparkle with humour, and her gaze is fixed on Kethaera. "I gave it to her after asking you, in front of her, about such things. It quite flustered her, at the time, and certainly put the idea in her head. I have no reason to believe she's against it."
Kethaera's cheeks flush, hints of red tinting the tips of her tapered ears. "I... t-to my sitting on her shoulder, you mean?"
Golden yellow flickering with pulses of opalescence, Alexandria manages to contain her smile to something only just beyond pleasantly polite, and says, "Yes. I was curious to see her reaction. She spends too much time alone, when her father and I are busy. Having her sister has helped with that, but she has not remedied the situation otherwise, and so I am content to play the meddler, as much as I am able."
The melodious voice of Eol resonates in your mind, "Hello, my friend! Are you a cosmic enchanter at present?"
You caress the thoughts of Archdruid Eol Ravenfeather dae'Seren as you whisper, "I can be shortly! Will you be around for a bit?"
The melodious voice of Eol resonates in your mind, "I will, at least for a day or so!"
You caress the thoughts of Archdruid Eol Ravenfeather dae'Seren as you whisper, "Alright! I am currently busy meddling in my daughter's life while she rests, so I will let you know when I am available."
"Well..." Kethaera says, after a moment of reflection. "It is unfortunate not to have some company. Service to the Collective is not always enough, I suppose," she muses, lifting her gaze to the clouds overhead.
--- End scene ---

Just kidding, we chatted some more. But the rest wasn't pertinent!

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Aian Lerit'r, Lead Schematicist exclaims to you, "A *paperwork* emergency, Chairman!


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