The Magnagoran Standoff

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This is an old log during the Ghani event, but before his reveal as the mastermind. At the time each city got its own new NPC (events 390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, and 396 have their individual stories in the orgs they joined). After the psionic fleshfae invasion, Sirsia was asked to recover the scientist behind them Tleem as a token of good will to Magnagora. What follows is the retrieval operation and aftermath.

This is from Vatul's point of view who also masterminded the negotiations with Sirsia. I just cleaned up the logs and am posting it on her behalf, enjoy.


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    This was so much fun to read! It was so much fun to see a piece of those events from Magnagora's eyes. I remember at the time distrusting every little rumble from that city. :D Thank you and @Vatul for sharing!
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    A gentle breeze ruffles your wings and whispers in your ears, as if for you alone, "Dragonfly's words shine... seeds, sown and tended, inspire... a forest harvest."
    Maylea reaches out, Her fingers poised in midair. "Now you are of Me, even more than you were before." Her golden and azure eyes glitter. "Walk well, Eldin. Shed glory in My name, and bring life to the lifeless."
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