Announce Post #3000: Valentine's Day Promotionals!

Hi everybody,

We are, in honour of Valentines Day, making some additions to this month's promotion.

First, we've created nineteen new artifact skins, all valentines day themed, and given them a place in the aethershop. For the next week, buying these artifacts with these skins will confer a 30% discount off their normal price.

Second, we've added a bonus gift for shooting arrows. For every 25 times you shoot someone and you are shot, you'll receive 50 bonus credits. If you manage to shoot someone or are shot 250 times, you'll receive a 500 credit bonus! Being shot and shooting others are cumlative and doing either will get you closer to the bonus. for example if Maylea shoots Nocht 12 times and is shot 13 times by Viravain in revenge, She'll get Her bonus credits! If you've previously bought arrows, those already count for you! Get out there and get a-shooting!

Finally, we will be offering a 30% bonus to all credits purchased via the website. This will continue for a week after this posting.



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