Fine Art and Curation

Hi all!

I've mentioned it to a few of you in-character already, but perhaps the forums is the right place to exhibit this idea!
I'm going to be making an effort to bring this idea into fruition without the fancy coding love it really needs to bloom, so keep an eye out for a prowling viscanti socialite near you!

Just as the fabric of Lusternian culture is impacted by books, plays, design and the work of countless unseen bards and scholars, so too can the value of fine art and paintings be incorporated into the Basin’s endless struggle for cultural dominance over ones neighbours.
-- Each nation will be able submit paintings on a very slow schedule, approximately once every five years, with culture points awarded for the prestige winner. Each nation will be able to Curate a maximum of 5 prestige-winning paintings, receiving increasing culture or curator points each year while paying an increasing gold fee per year per painting. This includes a new arena for player participation, while also including a gold-sink for more entrenched pockets--
As much as I would adore the Inevitable Empire of Magnagora to be the only beneficiary of this scheme, I acknowledge that the entire Basin will be simply dying to follow suit, and as such I accept that this scheme must be acceptable to each of them. I will, however, use Magnagora as a readily accessible example for how this submission might operate. 
A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, a minimum of 200 words of detail are required for a painting to even be considered for entry into the newest crucible of the Magnagoran social elites; the Conservatoire of the Magnagoran Renaissance, and it is the Curator who will be required to review and critique the masterpieces of would-be greats, threshing out the imperfect and selecting only the singularly finest piece to a panel of international experts, demonstrating Magnagoran dominance in the painter’s expression. The Curator must be careful though – a review of paintings will occur only once every five years: this is time enough to place a very high value on the work of artists, and encourage a greater respect for the occasion (as well as keep the system manageable for You poor Divines who must review our work!). 
Lesser Curators of other nations will have their chance to peruse all submissions for flaws in spelling or notes of Madness and plagiarism before a single painting is marked as being worthy of Prestige by the Fine Arts Curation Committee, and is therefore eligible for Curation. Each painting should generate culture points over time, with an upkeep cost that increases each year, to guarantee organisations engage strongly with the system on release, and ensures organisations continue to keep their artworks fresh, strongly encouraging new artists while demanding high quality art.

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