Announce Post #3009: Demipower Rework (Endgame Part One)


Part one of the Endgame rework is now released! This part focuses on a revamp of the Demipowers and how they work. I'll highlight a few of the changes here but check out POWERS and POWERS LIST and POWERS INFO <power> to get specific information on powers.

The first change is that that all RP powers that enhance roleplaying and have no mechanical advantages have been made zero weight, meaning you can have look how you want and shout how you want without sacrificing any mechanical advantages. This includes things like CustomShout and ChoiceLook.

The other big change is that the previous domoth-linked powers that were only available to Ascendants, Vernal Demigods and Sealbearers are now available to everyone.

Weight limits have been adjusted with Ascendants only allowed 100 weight and Vernal Demigods only allowed 75 weight now. Demigods still have 50 weight. With this change, some Ascendants and Vernal Demigods may find themselves over the new allowed weight. In that case - all your powers that have weight and are not SecondTrade or BeauteousThought will be made ephemeral. You will be allowed to make powers supernumerary at no essence cost. Be careful with your selections though because once you make a single power ephemeral, you will no longer get to make them supernumerary for free. You've been warned!

Sealbearers can select one weight-free domoth power associated with their seal. This will still cost essence but it will not take up any weight. Multiple Seals do not let you exceed more than one free power. True Ascendants get their three domoth powers inherently and will not be able to get a seal power on top of it if they have another seal.

A lot of the weights and essence costs, and even the mechanics of the skills have been adjusted, refer to POWERS LIST and POWERS INFO <power> to see that information.

We'll start working on Part Two of the Endgame Rework - which includes buying additional levels with essence and earning perk points. You can see more details about this part on the forums!

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