Announce Post #3016: Unique City and Commune Titles!

The administrative caretakers of the various cities and communes have conferred to bring you customised city titles. No longer are you shackled by your government style: all cities now have titles that properly befit their organisation. This includes the titles for all six city ranks, the rank given to members of the ruling council, and the city leader's title.

These titles are static - they do not change with government style, and the city leader's title does not change to correspond with political power. You may view the ranks in your city or commune using HELP CITYRANK or HELP COMMUNERANK as relevant.

A brief overview of the changes by organisation:

New Celest - Have returned to their Imperial-themed titles, with some changes.
Hallifax - Have adopted a combination of commercial titles and pre-PCH BoD titles.
Magnagora - Have asserted their ownership over the existing conquest style titles.
Gaudiguch - Have embraced their spiritual and mystical side with brand new titles.
Serenwilde and Glomdoring - Already possessed unique titles, and now have the set CL titles of Regent and Dark Regent.

Please note: at present, this system does not offer a set title for non-binary persons. Non-binary characters presently default to the male version of the title. Some organisations use the same title for both male and female, so you will notice no difference. It is our hope to rectify this in the future in some manner, but we wanted to start by getting this base change out for you.

Changes to these titles may be requested via Patron Request, but we encourage you to spend some time with the titles you have been given before putting forward a request.


  • For fun, can other orgs share their new ranks? (Maybe there's a good way to find this IG, but I can only find my own org's ranks). Here's Halli's:

    6) Patrician
    5) Alderman
    4) Burgher
    3) Citizen
    2) Proletarian
    1) Plebeian
  • Glomdoring's were always fun apparently:
    6) Shadow Warden
    5) Ebon Forester
    4) Ravenwood Custodian
    3) Dark Woodsman
    2) Night's Tender
    1) Shade
    ‘It’s important to be kind. You can’t know all the times that you’ve hurt people in tiny, significant ways.
    It’s easy to be cruel without meaning to be. There’s nothing you can do about that. But you can choose to be kind. Be kind.’

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