Announce Post #3018: Changes to Automation Rules

We are clarifying the rules regarding the use of automation in Lusternia, effective immediately as of this posting.

Our previous automation rules prohibited only total automation - systems that you could turn on and would continue running indefinitely even whilst AFK.

Following several queries regarding the interpretation of this rule, we are changing to a new ruling which we hope will be easier to understand and regulate. HELP AUTOMATION has been updated to reflect this.

The new rule is as follows: automation of any kind, including total automation, is permitted only as long as you remain at your computer at all times. It is never acceptable to be AFK whilst you have any kind of automation running. This includes - but is not limited to - PvE combat, influencing, tradeskill use such as gemcutting or enchanting. This rule applies even if you are in a manse.

Thank you.
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