Announce Post #3024: Ascension 2020 Dates

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Each year in Lusternia, the Vernal Seals come under threat and must be defended, with a challenge to every Seal collecting those Nine who are worthy to stand in the Final Trial and hold aloft the Staff of Ascension.

Though they still stand strong, this year we are holding the Ascension event at a very different time. As such, we want to give you advance warning of what this year's dates and times will be!

Please remember that these dates and times are for your OOC use only. Discussing them IC is not permitted until an Ascension has been called for in-character.

You should also be aware that some of these events are not in the order that you are used to. Double check your times, dates and Seals!


6th June 2020
11pm GMT - Seal of Chaos
Seal of Beauty Submissions Open

7th June 2020
6pm GMT - Seal of Justice

13th June 2020
4pm GMT - Seal of Harmony

14th June 2020
7pm GMT - Seal of Nature

20th June 2020
4pm GMT - Seal of Life

21st June 2020
2pm GMT - Seal of Knowledge
Seal of Beauty Submissions Close

27th June 2020
6pm GMT - Seal of Death

28th June 2020
6pm GMT - Seal of War
Seal of Beauty Announced

11th July 2020
9pm GMT - Final Trial of Ascension
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