Announce Post #3028: April 2020 Artbard Results

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners for April! If you want a chance to join them next month, take a look at HELP ARTBARD and get your entries in by the end of May.

A couple of reminders about submissions! First, please do not resubmit works you have previously entered, even if they did not placed. Second, a reminder that you're very welcome to submit to both the Artisanal and Bardic contests, but you will only place in one of them (whichever contest you place higher in).

==( Bardic Winner )==

==( Bardic Runners-up )==

==( Bardic Merit )==

==( Artisanal Winner )==

==( Artisanal Runners-up )==
Gurashi and Esei

==( Artisanal Merit )==
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