Announce Post #3036: NPC Livestream Results

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our first ever NPC creation livestream!

Together with Aonia and Orael, you all created the NPC Aucagolei, picking the following properties for the character:

- Aucagolei is an igasho.
- They are genderfluid and change between male and female forms.
- They are an ancestral spirit (undead), who appears elderly.
- They are trained as a Hartstone druid, though they are a rogue.
- They are completely blind, and harbour a deep fear of the last thing they ever saw.
- They are known for being incompetent, very parentally inclined, and hoarding.
- In their spare time, Aucagolei enjoys taxidermy.
- Their favourite item is a package that they have never opened.

You can watch the video from the stream on Twitch right now (, or wait for the recording that will be on the website in the next few days!

As for seeing'll have to wait and see what event they turn up in. Don't worry - we'll let you know when they're in the game and where!

PS: Warriors were robbed.


  • You can now watch the recording direct on our website - unlike the Twitch version, this one will not time out!
    Art by the wonderful Gurashi.
  • @Aonia as an alternative storage method, you can highlight the full video so it stays permanently on twitch since the past broadcasts timeout after 14 days (or 2 months for partners).
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