Sweet Introductions and White Soda Rafting

SotsepmetSotsepmet Member Posts: 5 Novice
Sotsepmet answers some questions about Lord Crumkane, and goes sightseeing with Silvanos and Nialla.



  • ElexiaElexia Member Posts: 33 Capable
    This is just a lovely log! I loved learning a bit more about Crumkane myself, Sotsepmet is a wonderful teacher.
  • SilvanosSilvanos Member Posts: 9 Inept
    It was an excellent time! I am sorry to say, I only have one part of the log myself (with those delightful deserts that give such a headache!).

    Silvanos is making a list of "people who follow gods to talk to them about said gods" and thus far we have marked of Nocht (a long while ago before we even started on this!) and Crumkane. Next up, probably Mysrai followed with Maylea and Charune!

    I hope you have a lovely time with Crumkane being back!
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