Announce Post #3052: Zero Tolerance Re: Pejorative Speech

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As part of our inclusivity project, where we are working on reviewing instances in Lusternia that evoke or reinforce OOC prejudice, we are also taking steps to ensure there is no discrimination present in our community.

To this end, and based on observations we have made both recently and in the past, we would like to make something very clear: discriminatory language of any kind is not permitted in Lusternia.

Such language includes using specific pejorative terms and hate speech (often referred to as 'slurs'), but it also encompasses the deliberate misgendering of other people or referring to them as "it". If you are unsure what language would fall under this banner, we recommend looking into pejorative terms, as there are many that sadly remain in common parlance.

Use of these terms is never permitted, whether you are in public or in private, and whether or not you have the consent of those to whom you are speaking to use those terms.

Thank you.


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