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I know cooking rarely ever places and has yet to win,  but I stuck to my blasters and decided to make a strudel!

a triumphal strudel platter draped with sailcloth

A sailcloth draped platter is here, showcasing a massive triumphal strudel for 
all to see.

Beckoning with silken fingers of cinnamon-drunk steam, this massive
strudel has been shaped and decorated to commemorate a grandiose and
brutal clash between dragon and oceanic might. Deft pastry plaiting and
a coincidence of shadow hint at wiry brawn, detailing each sugar-gilt,
draconic limb, from wing to tail. A light dusting of nutmeg throws the
features of the beast's despairing visage into stark relief, its toothy
maw open to breathe red gouts of flame formed from petal-thin apple
slices edged in sooty cocoa. Excess grains of the exotic, chocolate
spice dissolve and pool into fine rivulets of hot butter, which sizzle
back down its curving throat and belly's contour- darksome, like dried
blood from wounds beyond measure. Rendered in the most delicate and
skillful of blade strokes upon the remaining expanse of crisp pastry, a
gargantuan water elemental arises from churning tides amidst a flock of
pearl-sugar doves. The magnificently cresting entity looms triumphant,
poised ready to engulf its broken foe, and hasten its calamitous end. A
salvaged length of singed sailcloth serves to cushion the strudel within
its wooden platter, its Celestian livery ever-bright, and its
embroidered blessings ever-shining.

You slice boldly into the strudel, your knife audibly shattering through
the gorgeously crispy crust as you claim the dragon's head for yourself.
With the first forkful, your teeth sink into tender slices of sweet-tart
apple and pastry. Warm and buttery, the pastry conveys just the right
amount of Delportian vanilla and smoky cocoa to complement the fragrant
cinnamon and nutmeg syrup that clings to the toothsome fruit. Plump with
honeyed wine, golden raisins pop with molasses-like sweetness.
Collapsing and melting together with the apple, they surrender to each
willful bite you take and together release their arresting aromas to
beguile your senses. You turn your attention to the gargantuan water
elemental, and the intrepid spear of your fork provokes a surprising
tumbling rush of blueberries and peaches! This too, you partake of,
enjoying the wild, melting, almost floral ambergris quality of the
blended fruits. All too soon, the ancient intoxication of fullness
threatens to engulf you, and you set the platter aside so that others
might share in the strudel's defeat.

A sigh of cinnamon-sugar and nutmeg opens into notes of haunting vanilla and 
smoky cocoa.

You pluck a petal-thin slice of apple from the top of the strudel and pop it 
into your mouth. It is tartly sweet, yet smoky with cocoa, its mouthfeel 
pleasantly smooth from the dusting of confectioner's sugar and cinnamon-spice.

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