A sovereign for your thoughts? Or things every tourist should do in Magnagora

UzrielUzriel Member Posts: 110 Master
This is an interaction from a few months back where a certain denizen popped up and surprised the Nil out of Uzriel after he finished influencing on Nil.  It was such fun @Drocilla and hope to see more of her again sometime!

This log starts after noticing a strange mist and looking around to investigate before realizing it was right in front of me.



  • TridemonTridemon Member Posts: 798 Mythical
    Aren't you a geomancer? You can put out fires like that with CAST FREEZE GROUND.
    I'm Lucidian. If I don't get pedantic every so often, I might explode.
  • UzrielUzriel Member Posts: 110 Master
    Yes, I know now. At the moment I didn't remember.
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