Announce Post #3060: Ascension of Parhelion

The first to hold the Staff of Ascension was Kalas Ixion of Magnagora, Champion of Chaos, and indeed for much of the Challenge it seemed that he would hold steady. Once or twice, his opponents - the cities of New Celest and Hallifax, and the forest commune of Glomdoring - succeeded in breaking the Staff from his grasp and earning a competing amount of points.

Determined to maintain his place, Ixion regained the Staff and stood well defended by his fellow citizens in Magnagora, along with the forest commune of Serenwilde and the city of Gaudiguch. He came within mere minutes of claiming the Staff fully, and all stood with bated breath as they waited to welcome in their new True Ascendant.

But Choros and his allies surged back in, with Ciaran of New Celest reclaiming the staff and passing it to Choros - who then held it, and held it, and held it. Soon he had equalled Ixion's time holding the Staff, and soon he surpassed it, until he was but moments away. Though Magnagora and their allies made attempts to reach him until the very end, they could not.

Thus was Choros able to hold onto the Staff just long enough to become a True Ascendant and recharge the seals, being reborn under the name of Parhelion.

All hail, Parhelion, the First True Ascendant of Justice!
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