Can't set target via GMCP (solved)

edited July 2020 in Mechanic's Corner
I'm struggling to get the IRE.Target.Set GMCP events working.
- I am subscribed to the event via Core.Supports.Set
- I can send `IRE.Target.Set "242908"` via GMCP and in response, I can see the `IRE.Target.Set` and `IRE.Target.Info` events come through over GMCP, but both payloads are empty
- I also receive a `Char.Status` event come in over GMCP, with the key `target` and an empty value -- this makes me think that I'm setting the target wrong, though clearly the attempt is getting through
- I can see the correct payload go out over GMCP when I inspect via `tcpdump`. 
- I'm trying to target my beast (242908) if that matters, though I've also tried astral beasts...

Am I missing something obvious?


  • Thanks to @Ianir for lending a hand debugging this. I was goofing my GMCP message and including a space at the end.
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