Races Across The Basin: Fixing Nouns

It was brought to attention that it can be hard to find humans that respond to the noun 'human' - and I'm sure this is found in other races as well, though because humans don't have a central village outside of Stewartsville and Delport, it becomes more of an issue. So! This thread is hoping to find discrepancies across the board to have these NPCs updated to include the proper noun of their race for easy influence/hunting/crafting.

Duum - The unnamed humans in Duum, and potentially the named ones, are not listed as 'human' when probed. You have to refer to them as man, woman, or villager. This makes bashing Duum somewhat difficult with a gnomeweapon, or if you don't have something that automatically changes your target.


  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord
    Creatures in Muud (parasites, symbiotes, necrotrophs, cystodes, nematodes, trematodes, globules) should all respond to "muudbeast" too, to be consistent with "astralbeast."
  • As part of our ongoing inclusivity project, one of the things we've looked at is the diversity of our races that have skin. To do this, one of our wonderful volunteers has gone through and audited every single mobile in Lusternia that has skin. Yes, they are an absolute hero.

    When they got to humans, they identified 179 human aliased mobiles in Lusternia. However, there are nearly 900 that are in the situation you describe - labelled just (wo)man/villager/similar. Adding an alias is a relatively simple process, but it is one that only some admin have (it's tied into higher level building permissions) so the number of people who can do it is limited. On top of the volume, that means this is actually a pretty daunting project to undertake. It's actually very easy for us to identify the 'problem mobs', the work is just in actually changing them all over. 

    However, this absolutely isn't meant as a discouragement. With projects like this we sometimes choose to do them piecemeal/as they're brought to us, or we do it all in one go. We're currently managing a lot of big projects across the team, so the latter is a little unlikely right now (unless someone decides they are really keen to procrastinate some other work...). Which means posting here may still help, as it might inspire individual admin to fix little bits here and there!

    You are also welcome to bug it in-game if a human is missing the human alias - suggestions as Xenthos is making would be more like an idea. The distinction of 'this creature should have this alias' vs 'I'd like it if this creature had this alias'.

    Hope that helps!
    Art by the wonderful Gurashi.
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord
    The Muudbeast idea has been filed.  Probably more than once.  It might've been timed out or been categorized when you did your last around of IDEA updates, I don't see it in my list any more, but I tend to just fire off ideas of little things like that when they come to me!
    The distinction listed there is useful though!
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