Announce Post #3067: Ephemeral Applications Open

Do you have an interest in helping run Lusternia behind the scenes as a volunteer administrator? We are now opening applications for Ephemerals - administrators-in-training for Elder Divine positions. If you're not sure what being an Ephemeral entails, you can read HELP PROMOTIONS for an overview.

To apply for Ephemeralhood you must:
- Be 18 or over (that is yourself, not your character).
- Have played Lusternia for a minimum of 400 hours, total across all characters.
- Not be a volunteer administrator on any other IRE game.
- Be willing to give up your character and cut all connections with mortal player friends.
- As part of this, you will be required to quit all Lusternia-related Discord channels.
- Be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
- Be mature and able to separate IC from OOC.
- Be able to work as part of a team.
- Be able to commit regular hours to working on Lusternia. There is no set minimum in hours, and when you choose to do your hours is up to you. But a good general estimate would be around 7h/week or 1h/day.
- Have sufficient creative writing skills to contribute to Lusternia's high-quality content.
- Be willing and able to work with Lusternia's quest coding system, known as prog.
- You will be fully trained on the job - the important thing is that you are willing and able to learn.

To apply, please send an email to with:
- Name
- Age
- Occupation & where you work, or if a student, what you are studying and where.
- Your character(s) in Lusternia and what they have achieved.
- This might include leadership positions you have held and what you accomplished in them.
- You are encouraged to note any mortal volunteer positions you have held, such as guide or mortal reviewer.
- Why you think you would make a good Ephemeral (and Elder Divine).
- What type of Elder Divine you think would best suit you.
- You do not need to name specific roles but are able to do so. Naming a role at this point does not guarantee you will ultimately take up that role, it just gives us a guideline for the sort of role you think you're interested in.
- A writing sample of five room descriptions, including both short and long description lines, so that we can gauge your writing skills.
- You can read HELP MORTAL BUILDERS for some tips on writing.
- These rooms can be examples of additions to existing areas, or whole new areas, or nonspecific.
- We recommend taking a look at existing rooms in Lusternia for further guidance.
- Anything else that you think we may want to consider in reviewing your application.
- This might include proven coding ability, experience in other MUDs, etc.

All personal information that you disclose (name, age and occupation) will be kept private by Lusternia's producers. It is vital that you give this information accurately - please do not use pseudonyms or similar.

The deadline for applications is the 5th September 2020 inclusive (across all timezones). After this date we will contact selected candidates for interview, and then will take our chosen Ephemerals into the Havens. Please be aware that we will only respond to applications we wish to take further through the process, and that we expect to have far more applications than openings.

If you have any questions, please contact us at with your query.
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