Forget-Me-Not, my past, but I am returning, to who I was meant to be.

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This log here predates the one directly below - it was the year 566 CE, before her Marythen Rites.  Faythe had declared her intentions to want to proceed to Marythen by writing a song and singing it into Maylea's empty fulcrux (with @Lief keeping watch with her).  This conversation happens later, when Faythe is going to visit the Fulcrux and to ask if Maylea had received her message.

Startled nearly out of her own skin, Faythe's eyes snap open as she jerks her hand away from the peach as though burned. In her haste, she falls backward, tripping on her overly large cloak and falling onto the grass with a THUMP.

Actual log:

This discussion happened with @Maylea fairly recently.  Faythe had last spoken with Her in the log above. The Marythen rites happened in Kiani 567 CE, and this takes place later that year.

Maylea's golden eyes rise to the walls, the carven trunks. "I see dedication here, and skill, and art." She lifts a hand to trail along the wooden surfaces, leaving swirls of colour behind that fade slowly. "And I see betrayal, absence."

Actual log:
You have been recognised by Elexia for: She is such an incredible writer, and I adore the friendship between Faythe and Elexia. Faythe's emotes are well-written and creative, and in this scene in particular she has done such wonderful emotes using the Moondancer fae! It's always inspiring and so very much fun. 

You have been recognised by Lief for: There is a LOT to recognize you over. We've had so many great scenes - so much tension and warmth and friendship and confusion between our two characters, and I love every moment of it. Not to mention the cult - I am so glad you could make it, and Faythe's role in its creation was beautiful. It wouldn't have been the same event without Faythe's presence there. Thank you!!
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