When Gods Talk

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Featuring a discussion between Lady @Viravain and Neither-Lord-Nor-Lady @Mysrai

Log: In The City Of Gaudiguch, Gods talk....

Mysrai rises, slowly turning in a circle as His coat slips down His arms, revealing much of His chest as He asks, "Don't You think? I found myself embroiled in the throes of passion once more and suddenly I found Myself anew." He laughs, the sound causing your stomach to flip-flop as He gently shrugs the coat up once more, commenting, "Though...it is not the only form that has been taken, should My ears be true. Have you been playing with My toys again?"
You think to yourself: Toys....? Does He mean new-friend Akuuko?
You think to yourself: I made sure he was safe the whole time....
Mysrai's eyes flicker briefly towards you, and a small grin finds its way to His face.
You have emoted: Aleyah nods slowly, a thoughtful frown on her face.
Tears flow freely from your eyes as Viravain, Lady of the Thorns appoints you to Weaver of the Web.
Thread by thread, the Web of your Lady weaves through your mind, and you know in your heart that it flows through you, too. You stand now as a Weaver -- a vessel of Her story.
The ferocity of Her pleasure consumes you, igniting your very core. She whispers, only to you, "Weave My Webs well, My Aleyah," and a vision of the Shee-Slaugh Court wearing wreaths of black roses blossoms across your mind's eye.


  • KhnemuKhnemu Member Posts: 9 Inept
    Was a lot of 'fun' being in the middle of that trying not to think very inappropriate things about the very pretty gods and wondering who this strange bugge was. I wish I'd thought to actually log it, but most of Khnemu's thoughts ran along the lines of "Oh no, They're BOTH hot!" <beat> "Wait, that's illegal! Please don't smite me." and getting twitterpated enough to switch mental gender partway through when Mysrai turned up the Come Hither.

    (Also, Lord Mysrai, since He was Scarlet Courtesan.)
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