Orvi's Portrait Gallery

OrventaOrventa Member Posts: 625 Mythical
Just starting a thread to show off some of the character art I've had done for Orventa recently. I'll also be posting future art of Trueflight family members as I can get them done.

The following piece was done by the Latvian artist Murmur! They can be found on Twitter!

I'm a consent-based roleplayer! Kindly ask first, and I will return the favour. Open to developing tinyplots.
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  • NepentheNepenthe Member Posts: 134 Gifted
    Aaaah, so pretty. I want to dress Nep in that outfit.  :D
  • MaligornMaligorn Windborne Member Posts: 3,035 Transcendent
    Fantastic rendition of a crystalplex. I never thought of them to look that way!

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