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  • ^ Secretly allergic to trees

    v likes to lick candy and put it back in shops
  • (Who told you)

    ^ throws ugly children in the Undercity

    v Is a cult member of Lord Ravioli
  • ^: Is Lord Ravioli in disguise

    v: lets their pets die in stables
    You are startled as a lemon meringue pie bounces harmlessly off you after being thrown at you by Mysrai.
  • (The stable hands kill the beasts. Just because I don't pay doesn't mean they have to let the poor animals die.)

    ^: Actually is a secret Raezon agent with an aim to steal Crumkane knowledge.
    v: Secretly is waiting to pull off a great betrayal.
  • ^: Keeps a tea bottle full of vodka for illicit imbibing.

    v: Has a really complicated fur maintenance routine.
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    (this was in response to Esei's post earlier, but I didn't see the later posts until now.)

    ^steals underwear from other people and wears it

    v wants to marry a denizen in their org
    Her voice firm and commanding, Terentia, the Even Bladed says to you, "You have kept your oath to Me, Parhelion. You have sworn to maintain Justice in these troubled times."

    Yet if a boon be granted me, unworthy as I am, let it be for a steady hand with a clear eye and a fury most inflaming.
  • ^: is just jealous he doesn't know Lothwen.

    v: ate a bee and tried to hide the sting.

    pronouns: they/them
  • ^ Dreams of the Drachou

    v wished the soulless would have won
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    (Hey! Rheiss was awesome :pout: )
    ^ wants to marry one of Terentia's priestesses

    v hates the taste of mana potions, so mixes their stock with mulled apple cider.
  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight
    ^ secretly uses second hand dreams in their weaving

    v Is on Trader Bobs payroll
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  • ^: skipped their collegium lessons.

    v: had a roc poop on their head.

    pronouns: they/them
  • ^: supports the finks and their filthy war.

    v: doesn't know about the Soulless behind them and OH GODS IT HAS A KNIFE RUN RUN YOU IDIOT WHY ARE YOU STANDING THERE
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    ^: doesn't realize that that's my emotional support knife-wielding Soulless, please be more considerate next time!

    v: didn't so much as pass through the Portal of Fate as went to take a look at the Portal of Fate, slipped and fell in
    You are startled as a lemon meringue pie bounces harmlessly off you after being thrown at you by Mysrai.
  • ^: Was dared to taste the Portal of Fate - turns out so much as sticking the tip of your tongue inside gets the rest of you pulled in.

    v:Unknowingly possesses an Eyelash of Dynara
  • ^: accidentally sipped paint water instead of their drink.

    v: got married to an orclach warlord through a misunderstanding.

    pronouns: they/them
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    ^: breaks into sneezing fits any time they so much as look at a pile of ash.

    v: keeps a pair of waxlips around for...practice.
  • (stop calling me out)

    ^ talks to a stuffed monkey before making life decisions 

    v eats bunnies in front of orphans

  • ^: threw sugar into the Engine thinking it would make the Taint more palatable.

    v: hasn't rejected grace yet. They're just not ready for the red pill.
  • ^ ate the Estelbar cubs' pills once.

    v thinks socks are tentacles of Kethuru--an abomination.
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  • ^ Once thought that an Estelbar was a tasty chocolate covered candy bar

    v Is actually a Peep Chili Homunculus
  • ^ has dirty, owl-shaped thoughts they don't want to share or admit to themselves

    v has plotted a dramatic overthrowing of their CL/GL, but then threw it out because it was too much effort
    Art is by the wonderful Gurashi!
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    ^ Secretly longs for gingerbreadman chili

    v Once licked Crumkane to see if he taste like candy.
  • ^ owns 51% of the Oil of ur'Lai market

    v has a terrible fear of gummy tae'dae
  • ^ needs to stop reading my nightmare journals

    v is desperately in need of the cleansing embrace of the Light(tm)
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  • ^ Must have caught me playing Gnomes & Squids.

    v Tried to sew pockets onto underwear at least once.
  • ^ is about nineteen seconds from using the Scrabble-tile method to pick a family name.

    v accidentally drank every single goldentonic on the market at the same time, and our current fruit shortage is because they tried to fix that but their attempt failed and things have just snowballed from there.
  • ^ Fell hopelessly in love with a beautiful flower, pushing away their lover for floral perfection

    v Is hopelessly jealous of said "flower" 's love; has dark and despicable thoughts involving herbal tea & hot water
  • ^ This person is actually allergic to tea, and has swallowed a miniature Squibbles doll that consumes it all before it can drop down their throat.

    v This person is due for a check-up in my fulcrux.
  • ^ has designs on Trader Bob('s tie pin) for a zingavium scalpel

    v is adapting a scholarly work for the stage with explosions and product placement
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