Announce Post #3075: Upcoming Livestream

AutoposterAutoposter Member, Administrator Posts: 226 Creator
Tomorrow, Saturday 12th September at 7pm GMT, Orael and Aonia will be giving a short livestream about the Havens' current development plans for Lusternia.

They will be discussing the Endzone project, announcing the next big project to follow it, and some of the other things the team are currently working on. Time permitting, there may also be the opportunity to ask questions.

Follow us at and watch our social media (HELP TWITTER) for updates when we go live.

We hope to see many of you there!


  • AoniaAonia Member, Administrator, Moderator, Gods Posts: 114 Creator
    Happening very shortly on our Twitch channel!
    Art by the wonderful Gurashi.
  • NepentheNepenthe Member Posts: 125 Gifted
    Thank you so much for the stream! This was the highlight for me.

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