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The mention of balefire being used in the Nature Wars turned up a while back as a reason for why the whole cutting Seren in half actually was a thing. But in the visions I actually have for the Nature Wars though the term doesn't seem to come up?

Would anyone know where this came from or be able to point me in the direction of a "primary source" to find out IC?


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    I don't know if this helps, but I think the concept of Balefire was stolen from Wheel of Time, more or less. Rubies spun by a Researcher apparently hit with it, and I want to say I've seen lines whereas it mentions the balefire erasing something. That may or may not be a balestone line. 

    to quote the above linked wiki for this power, "When a target is struck with balefire, its thread in the Pattern is destroyed, in an amount proportional to the power of the balefire strike.", which sounds like something you might find in Lusternia as a fire that burns so hot, it removes whatever it burns from the Tapestry.
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    Thanks :smile: sounds like that makes sense as the concept given the level of damage caused to the forest. 

    There's a mention of it in the Book of Igaso as something Morgy used and there's the Researcher stuff that uses it, so it does exist IC. But the link to Gaudiguch isn't turning up for me other than it being a type of fire :(
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