Bruising/Bleeding and Damage Types

FaelornaFaelorna Member Posts: 29 Apprentice
So. HELP BLEEDING states the following:

"When you are hit by a cutting weapon in Lusternia, you will usually begin to bleed. After you begin
bleeding, you'll continue to bleed health points every so often. Your body will gradually clot the 
blood, but this will take time.

Blunt weapons will often cause bruising. When bruised, you will take damage every time you move or
make an offensive action. Bruising will heal slowly over time, healing a bit each time you take 
damage from it."

Does this mean that the bruising/bleeding is linked to the damage type? For example, if the enchantment enhancement is put on a warrior weapon, converting some of its damage away from cutting/blunt, does it then cause less bleeding/bruising?


  • DrastrathDrastrath Member Posts: 88 Apprentice
    It is my understanding that it is normally a percentage of the damage inflicted by a weapon for monks/warriors. This means that monks/warriors that change a portion of their damage to another type will have greater bleeding/bruising because of the damage increase from avoid armor, this isn't taking into account rune of absorption either. 

    This means that to min/max bleeding/bruising you will want to increase damage and convert as much damage away from physical damage through enhancements, kata bonuses,  abilities, etc.. Also, the enemy's resistances will factor into this, so there are ways that can come in handy too like focusing an unpopular damage type.

    I am not sure all bleeding/bruising functions this way.
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