I'm tired

Ascension was fun this year, right? Past few days, I can't help but think that the worst mistake I made in all the political BS was to initially encourage other Board members in Hallifax to at least hear out Glomdoring/Celest "for the good of the game." I don't believe anything would have changed if I hadn't. But at least if I had been as unreasonable and bitter as some obviously still think, then I might be able to say that I understood that hatred. It'd feel justified. 

As it is, I'm done. I'm tired of being forced to care about something that happened six months ago, and feeling like I'm the one who got blamed for everything while doing nothing to warrant it.

Moral is, kids, grudges are held for a reason. If someone shows you who they are - believe them, the first time. Don't give people second chances. Cause even if you do, there's decent odds someone will lie about it later.
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    I really don't have a horse in this race, and I won't assume to know much of anything of your personal character, but the most unbelievable idea here is that someone wants to claim you're "unreasonable". A little acerbic, sure, but that's admirable from my point of view. While I hate to see anyone bummed to the point of not wanting to be around, you don't strike me as belonging to the camp that is continually perpetuating the bullshit - those are the people I find to be unreasonable, the ones who would rather dredge up bad feelings than try to move past them with and as a community.

    Please, be done with investing the thought and emotion where it isn't going to bring about a better turn. But don't throw the baby out with the bathwater if that's where this is leading.
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