A little something to share & remember - Lusternia's true beauty

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As we approach holidays, I look back on the year that has come and gone.
I sit back on those that I miss and all the sadness present in the world around us.
I smile at those that remain and struggle in these uncertain times, wether in real life or in Lusternia.
So here is a little glimpse into my heart, for all that may desire it, may it help brighten your day.


From tainted Magnagora to zealous New celest
From reverred Serenwilde to glorious Glomdoring
From businesslike Hallifax to sinful Gaudiguch

Take a moment in your day to remember why you play.

Remember the people that have come,
and dream of those yet to become
For the world is often harsh and uncaring,
and loved ones are an irreplaceable feeling

Remember the Divine that have faded away,
Walk the paths where their ancient stories lay
Reach out to the black heart of your enemy
and just maybe you will finally begin to see

When the numbers have come and gone
When the dust has settled and all is done
Every org of Lusternia's community
is a radiant gem of it's own majesty

So when you see someone standing alone,
A person laying upon a lonely stone
Be they old or young, rulers or paupers
Take a moment in your day...and say "hey!"

You may make a sworn enemy,
You may make a new buddy,
Yet you will find most importantly
A step towards a better community
...and Lusternia's true beauty

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