Announce Post #3103: Sad News

I'm very sad to announce that as of the end of this month, I will no longer be serving as Producer of Lusternia.

I have now served on Lusternia's administrative team for over six years. These six years have given me immeasurable amounts of fun and creative expression, joy and laughter and wonder. I cannot express to you here, in just a few words, how incredible it has been to be amongst the people here in the Havens. Whether things are going well, or badly, or somewhere inbetween, this group are a family that I am deeply sorry to be leaving.

Nor will I ever forget the time I have spent with all of you - from releasing my projects as an ephemeral, to serving as my godroles. The stories we have told together have changed my life, and will continue to even after I have left this wonderful place.

Sadly, my health has deteriorated through 2020, and I am no longer able to both serve in this position and adequately care for myself. I would like to take a moment to thank both our team and all of you, for your patience and kindness. Many of the delays we've had on support requests this year have been a result of my illness, but there have never been complaints about those delays - only understanding.

The nature of the situation means that I cannot remain in Lusternia as a volunteer either, as this would still represent a time commitment that would take away from the priority of focusing on my health and wellbeing.

I have full confidence in Orael, our team, and whoever rises to replace me as Co-Producer in 2021. There will be more information about this announced when it is available, but please do not worry if that takes a little while. It's important to everyone involved that Lusternia gets the best person it can for this position.

I am incredibly, eternally greatful to have been that person for the past year.

With thanks for everything, and much love,

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