A Succesful Nai'Dorin

edited December 2020 in Event Scrolls
More like Suck-cessful, am I right? 

In all seriousness, Cheliyi doesn't have a good time. 

The Act itself ---> https://pastebin.com/yBm0bAm0
Evette gives a crying baby to you.
You have emoted: Cheliyi stares at the baby, looking torn.
The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Evette's lips.
With several beats of her wings, Evette alights upon a tenebrous leopard's shoulder.
A tenebrous leopard rubs up against Evette affectionately.
Like a gentle ripple in a crystalline pool, you say, "But... they are so small."
The Mo(u)rning After (Feat: Mister Dad aka @Tridemon ) ---> https://pastebin.com/5DbMPwNm
Tridemon tilts his head curiously at you.
Ocean waves echoing softly behind his voice, Tridemon Regalis, Keeper of Pure Waters says, "You alright?"
You have emoted: Cheliyi clenches the hand wrapped in a pale tea-towel, an flicker of pain coming over her expression. Eventually she just shakes her head.
You think to yourself: **the fuzz cut through like a knife, the deep ache in your chest returns, how could you?**.
Barely above a whisper, you say, "I summoned Mother Night earlier this month."
A New Resolve (@Gurashi comes with more Dad wisdom, as always) ---> https://pastebin.com/iZEaQJ8E
Gurashi's melodic voice sings into your mind, "* a gentle thrum of pale verdant hues, their voice far-off and curious * Mine-child?"
Harmony echoes in your mind as you sing to Gurashi, The Heart's Friend, "Oh! Hello dad, yes. **a sudden wash of green in a sea of grey, only to be smothered by something else** Did you need something, yes?"
You think to yourself: They had a dad too.
You have emoted: Cheliyi winces, and returns to hunting.
Cheliyi squints. Hesitantly, she asks, "Does He need pants?"
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