Should Your Custom Beast Be Included Into Your Character's RP?

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Having thoroughly entwined my custom beast into Alarin's RP to the point where people actually acknowledge and interact with Thaldorn, I've always wondered.... should your custom beast be a part of your RP? Why or why not?  Myself personally, my original thought was "Hey, I paid for this damn gorilla to talk and emote, this damn gorilla is very well going to talk and emote!" But as time went on, I found myself mentally forming Thaldorn's RP as I acted it out in-game, doing it so often that it's just as natural for me now as playing Alarin. The responses have been mixed, though most seem to enjoy Alarin's and Thaldorn's frequent bickering, off-the-wall antics (like what we did with the Christmas tree decorating during a festival in Glomdoring) and Thaldorn often bringing up historical events that he remembers. I figured, he's 578 years old. Hell yes, I'm using that!

So, for myself personally, I am going to say that they should indeed be a part of your character's RP, even if ithe role is small and infrequent. I'm glad I decided to try it and the response seems to be a positive one, so I will definitely continue to do it. I mean... why not, right?

Until next time, folks!

P.S. Special mention goes to @Alaula @Knorrith @Ferne @Reyqae @Aeldra @Romaan and a bunch of others who have responded to the RP and actually makes me want to come up with more. <3


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    I can say that I very much consider Thaldorn to be a separate entity at this point and treat him as such. I feel, for those that have the mental capacity to manage it, its a great outlet for RP. I would do more with my own, if I could manage the RP split. It is a lovely idea.
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    I think it comes down to the individual player really.

    Malach (beast/flying death) and Enfys (dweller/elemental leaf being) have their own personalities, Malach is a bit easier cause he's basically just a brat and kinda like my youngest sister where Enfys is a curious kinda alien being.
    But also controlling two to three characters at once can get a bit much if people try to interact with all three heh
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    Everything can be incorporated into your character's RP - pets, artifacts, clothing, curios, skills. They're all available as hooks or platforms to develop your narrative. I love interacting with people's pets, personally, and by default I consider them separate entities from their owners with their own personalities and histories. Even pets that are played as extensions of their owners' psyches, like Luce's Kaiyo and Tikki's Kosuke, can have distinct voices, and it's a lot of fun to see how they differ from their owners.

    My custom beasts have always had sentience, but I've never had them speak. I've enjoyed the challenge of conveying their personalities through emotes alone, and it also saves me the trouble of having to verbally articulate their world views. :D
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    I sometimes forget that Euterpe and Polyhymnia exist, but they have personalities. They've even done stuff while I'm offline (I think old!Mysrai would send them to people? I've always been cool with that as long as they're both nice. No rude muses.) Although Euterpe can be brusk at time. Get to work! Polyhymnia is more relaxed.

    I also talk to my beast, even if it's not a custom beast. They also are unique!
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    Thanks for sharing your insights, all! 

    Also... I realized too late that I posted this sucker to the wrong thread. Whoops. Hey, I'm still new to this forums thing. :D
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    I have my hands full RP'ing myself, let alone a second character at the same time... I'm forever in awe at that skill lol
  • EveriineEveriine Wise Old Swordsbird / Brontaur Indianapolis, IN, USAMember Posts: 2,985 Transcendent
    I see no reason not to. Back when Willpower was still a thing, and it cost WP to use a hunting companion, I would play it that when Ev's willpower got low from constant use of his bond through his timberwolf, their minds would switch places. It was great fun.
  • AlarinAlarin Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'iMember Posts: 121 Capable
    Ferne said:
    I have my hands full RP'ing myself, let alone a second character at the same time... I'm forever in awe at that skill lol
    I'll be the first to admit that it isn't easy when first trying it. I messed up so much when I initially started doing it with Thaldorn. It's much easier now and I've found ways to quickly cover up mistakes, as you and a few others have seen on occasion. xD
  • TikkiTikki Member Posts: 9 Novice
    To be honest if I could just send Kosuke out some days and RP him doing things in various areas without me being there, I totally would lol
  • AlarinAlarin Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'iMember Posts: 121 Capable
    Tikki said:
    To be honest if I could just send Kosuke out some days and RP him doing things in various areas without me being there, I totally would lol
    I actually had the same thought, so looked into reactions. Now I can control Thaldorn from anywhere and be able to respond when people talk to him. It's pretty neat!
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    I love when people use their creature companions for roleplay. Xenthos using Ilistala was one of my earliest influences, but there are many people I think of WITH their pets as opposed to separate from them (Alarin and Thaldorn being one of the first that come to mind). I need to poke you to see how Thaldorn reacts to being alone in a room with peoples. 

    If I didn't have Bizi to channel my inner gremlin.... Gurashi's life would probably be a little easier XD But I need comedic relief in my life/RP to keep things light, so it how she be. She is the id to Gurashi's superego. Unlike Gurashi, Bizi is like 95% self-focused! And 100% hungry - a baby soulless incarnate. She's done a lot of stuff on her own too, like being controlled by Godmin to further enhance her naughtiness. 

    I have two other dwellers that I used to RP with a lot more :o One a cutie caracal kitten who exists just to be adorable and comforting, the other is a very grumpy exiled kepheran princess ;_; It definitely has to be a Good Day to RP with more than just Gurashi/Bizi! 
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    Viravain said:
    I think it's fantastic when players use their pets in everyday roleplay settings. I was telling Lantra just yesterday that it took me a minute to realize Thaldorn wasn't a player, for example, when he and Alarin attended Glomdoring's festival. Ilistala and Bizirik are also great examples that stand out to me as staples. 
    Aww, thanks!! Just seeing comments like these tells me I'm doing a good job with it. <3 I also had someone who thought Lanivara (my dweller/Thaldorn's wife) was being controlled by admin at one point. I have to admit that it's been a lot of fun! 
  • AlarinAlarin Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'iMember Posts: 121 Capable
    Ack, also meant to add that Bizirik has been one of my favorites to interact with through Thaldorn. Thaldorn even occasionally refers to Gurashi as "Bizirik's pet" in-game. xD
  • EseiEsei Member Posts: 211 Fabled
    I personally do not use Dusan to rp with, I didn't really find any of his lore compelling enough; I might revamp his lore and character into something else.

    However, I use Tsillah (my ink cat dweller, who Alarin hasn't met yet) ALL the time, both to make people happy and also to make them cry. She's one way I show affection to other players because Esei generally isn't like that, and she also has really cool lore. I definitely ripped off Daraius's dog to help make her reactions but imitation is the best form of flattery right.
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