What If You Ascended As A God?

AlarinAlarin Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'i
While reading through the Events newsboard in-game (yes I actually do that, though people still think I'm lying, lol) and reading the events of Ayridion's ascension, I began to think... what would I have done had I been in Soll's shoes and ascended as a Divine that day? What would my Order have been like? Teachings? Who would I have chosen as my first Avatar? What would my godrealm look like?

After personally answering each of these questions, I thought it'd be fun to share what I came up with and see if any others would share theirs as well. So here goes!

God Name: Nawaiolahou, the Blessed Redeemer

Denizen Representative: Thaldorn, the White (Who didn't see that one coming?)

Symbol: A brilliant white chalice half filled with crystal-blue water.

Tenets: Dedication, Patience, Knowledge and Honour.

First Avatar: From Lusternia's past? Forren, hands down. Present-day? I would have named two. Alaula and Aeldra.

Godrealm: The Isles of Redemption that I'd base on where I live without making it too obvious. :D

And... that's about all I have currently. I'd love to see what others come up with, assuming I'm not the only one who's ever given this any thought!

Take care, folks!

A giant panda bounds into view, flanked by a gargantuan gorilla clad in golden plate armour. They both salute as the vision fades.

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