Where do I go to buy new sword?

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I am still very new to world of Lusternia, (and text based games in general), but when I logged on today, my sword was gone.  Where can I go to purchase a new one?  I am still in the Newton region in the gnome corridors.
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  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman Member Posts: 4,384 Transcendent
    You can get one from Trader Bob, at the Last Chance Trading Post! From PORTALS, read the signs to get to the entrance of Newton, and Morrund. Then PATH WALK 811. He should have a sword you can use.
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    Try looking at Trader Bob's shop, he sells some claymores you can use. You could also ask your older guildmates for a forger who could make you some better weapons.
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    Kelly can likely hook you up with one cheaply.

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    The best option is finding a player-forger. Trader Bob's swords are pretty awful, and with a player you can at least get a weapon with a bit more character.
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    Not to mention, they'll likely just give you one for free if it's just a basic sword you're looking for. Be sure to reach out to your organization or guild.
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