The Rewoven's Confidant

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So for people who didn't read the Festival of Greeving logs I posted, Akuuko the Rewoven got into a bit of trouble. Chel checked in on him, but heard nothing for a few months until...
With bored affectation, Khasur Stormcrow inspects her nails idly.
You blink.
You blink.
You bow respectfully to Khasur Stormcrow.
Fretting, you say, "Apologies yes, I was busy speaking to the guards."
Not bothering to look up from her nails, Khasur Stormcrow says, "So you were."
You think to yourself: **deep embarrassment, your siblings rustling with teasing amusement**.
Khasur Stormcrow looks up briefly and meets your gaze. "So? Are you not dying to know?"
Her mouth opening, then closing, you say, "Y.. yes. Is... is he doing well?"
Through a suddenly twisting smile, Khasur Stormcrow says, "He lives."
You have emoted: Cheliyi blinks, slowly. "That is... good. Is he... awake?"
Silent, unblinking eyes watch you from within the hanging spiderwebs.
The ravenwood saplings bend and sway, as if listening intently to Khasur. "How else will he be punished if he sleeps?"
Cheliyi squints. Hesitantly, she asks, "Does He need pants?"


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    Viravain said:
    Oh, that Khasur. Such a troublemaker, always delighting in seeing people squirm. And how dare Akuuko share secrets not even Viravain's Order knows! 

    You know how those thieves are, always spilling secrets. At least this time he's not getting most of his right side chopped off!
    Art is by the wonderful Gurashi!
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